Decker Communications Announces Top Ten Communicators of 2006

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The communication experience people create determines their impact and ability to influence others. Decker Communications' annual list of the Ten Best and Worst Communicators proves this point. President Bush, Angelina Jolie and Barry Bonds -- are they among the Best or Worst Communicators of 2006?

Decker Communications, Inc. (, a leading communications training and executive coaching firm, announces its annual list of Top Ten Communicators. This year's list highlights notable individuals from business, politics, sports and entertainment -- and shows how their communications helped make or break them in 2006.

The Ten Best

1. Senator Barack Obama -- he burst on the scene with one speech at the 2004 Democratic National Convention. And he has kept up his impact in the high risk, high profile arena of politics -- so much so he deserves to be the Top Communicator of 2006. He looks his interviewers and public in the eye, holds himself tall, yet remains informal and humble in stance in posture. Yes, he's a real candidate for the presidency.

2. Pastor Rick Warren -- truly one of the greatest communicators in print and person. Author of the mightiest best seller of all time (except for the Bible), and leader of one of the largest churches in the country, Rick Warren does it all through personal influence. He is always focused with strong Point Of View whether preaching, speaking or in personal appearances, but true to form never formalizes his conversational tone and manner, no matter how serious the subject.

3. Speaker Nancy Pelosi -- it's not just the results in becoming the first female Speaker of the House in the United States that makes Nancy so impressive, it's what she has had to do to overcome. Before running for office, she was not a natural public speaker. She worked at it, and worked at it hard. Pelosi is now outstanding in thinking on her feet, giving the best sound bite, and smiling as if it has always been natural to her.

4. Commissioner Israel Gaither -- newly elected National Commander of the Salvation Army in the U.S., Israel Gaither has absolute conviction and high level communication. The first African American Commander, Gaither is a superb preacher and speaker -- he would say it's the power of God and if you met him you would not argue. Nor would you argue about his skill as a communicator playing a strong role in his rise to leadership -- he commands an audience whether it is a small group of civic leaders, or thousands of the members of his Army.

5. Angelina Jolie -- finally, a movie star, and beautiful at that, who is now known as much by what she says and how she says it as being beautiful. Under klieg lights she appears natural, (and they say those lips are natural too.) It is a tribute to her cause, and her articulation of that cause for children and the impoverished, that she has become a public figure as a stateswoman rather than just a beauty.

6. Nido Qubein -- the only repeat from last year's Best List influenced so much in 2006 he must be included again. Nido Qubein will also someday be known by the one name "Nido," because he continues to communicate his vision of the world in a way that positively impacts tens of thousands - most recently as President of High Point University. He's one of those who could speak for one minute or one hour at a moment's notice, and change your life.

7. Guy Kawasaki -- businessman, blogger and brazen raconteur, Guy Kawasaki is the original Apple "evangelist" who keeps on writing books, financing companies with his venture capital, and speaking out in a wry, witty and winsome style to further his own fortunes and others. His irreverent and relevant communication style sends him on his way to sharing the same platform with his mentor and last year's Communicator of the Year Steve Jobs.

8. Tavis Smiley -- Some say he is in the image of Oprah, but here's a fresh face who has his own talk show, a best seller atop the NY Times best seller list, and is authentic to boot. Smiley is smiley, as well as serious, sincere and simpatico. Excellent in thinking on his feet, he is also thoughtful with a Point Of View.

9. Jim Cramer -- perhaps Jim Cramer is an odd one for the Ten Best list, since he is the outrageous host of Mad Money. His commitment to impact drives his success -- he lets it all hang out, and in so doing may alienate some, but in the process can convince and persuade the majority. He makes a difference, and if we are to communicate well, at some point we have to be out there.

10. Jon Stewart -- there are a lot of comedians out there who are funny -- which is a GREAT communication asset -- but don't have much beef to add to the human comedy. Jon Stewart is an exception. The Daily Show is a great forum for public converse as well as laughs, but the real reason Stewart lands here is the Academy Awards. Few off beat comics make it to host the Academy Awards, and Stewart did, and he did well.

And for the Top Ten Worst Communicators of 2006...please visit to find out who makes up the "Mice Pack", which professional athletes represent the worlds of baseball, football and basketball, and how President Bush stacks up.

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