Viper Marketing, Inc. Announces 1 Year Anniversary with M2C Global

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M2C Global poised for Explosive Growth in 2007

Viper Marketing, Inc. is proud to be celebrating their first full year with M2C Global out of Dallas, Texas. After deciding to join M2C Global in their effort to find the first healthy energy drink and bring it to market, Viper Marketing is pleased with their move to work exclusively with the 13 year old Dallas Manufacturer.

At the start of 2007, M2C has invested nearly $1/2 Million for the start of their newest delivery system for ACT. The new 12 oz. cans will soon compete against the likes of Red Bull, Monster, and Rock Star energy drinks while claiming to offer almost no sugar and carbohydrates unlike the competition. M2C's fast acting energy drink, also called, Advanced Cell Therapy has already sold an astonishing 12 million drinks in its first full year of production. The ACT energy "on the go" packs have proven to be a hot seller for the manufacturer, which has now come up with the convenient, inexpensively priced can version. At about one-half to one-third the price of their competition, M2C Global is banking on this product to out sell the other drinks on the market catapulting M2C to a billion dollar giant.

To help with the momentum of the company, a new corporate management team has been put in place to handle the large increase in sales and to help support their growing business. This includes shipping and customer service.

To add to the companies announcements, they will soon be releasing the new SysTrim "ON THE GO" Diet System shortly and have announced the new "FOCUS" drink for kids to be unveiled within 90 days.

"Be a part of this Growing Crusade now spanning the GLOBE to bring health, wealth and happiness to (soon) millions of people just like you and me" is the motto of M2C Global, Inc.

Lead dealer Eric Caprarese has recently been recognized and awarded for exceeding the company goals in sales and was handed the keys to a new 2006 Mercedes-Benz CLK 350 at their last convention. Eric has also been awarded the title of First Executive Director internationally for the M2C Global.

About Eric Caprarese - Executive Director

Eric Caprarese began Viper Marketing, Inc. over ten years ago in a small town outside of Washington, D.C. His vision was to sell high quality nutritional supplements that would positively impact the lives of people around the world.

Initially Viper Marketing, Inc. was focused on providing superior products, pricing and service, to a small territory. After years of steady growth, they are still helping people improve their lives, but now on a worldwide scale.

Manufacturers represented by Viper Marketing, Inc. are known for their high quality products, strict efficacy guidelines and "rock bottom" pricing due to mass production.

President and CEO Eric Caprarese is a well known international marketer in the network marketing industry. Having been in the industry for 15 years, after starting out of a one bedroom apartment, he built an organization of over 25 thousand dealers in less then one year. Eric has joined the ranks of the top networkers in the world with marketing representatives worldwide.

Eric searched for and joined several other home based opportunities, only to have them leave him high and dry also. This forced him to get a j.o.b. (just over broke) and started Eric on a search for an opportunity that was not only exciting and growing at a great pace, but one that also met one criteria ... a company that was stable and here for the long haul.

He found this in M2C Global. A company that started with the idea in mind to provide the best products that people could purchase for the lowest price points possible so that people could start a home based business without the large cash outlay that most companies in the business require. With M2C, Eric finally had what he was looking for.

The company hit a homerun with a product that they developed called ACT (Advance Cell Therapy) that did something unusual after people consumed it - it worked! M2C Global saw that it was going to be something big so they decided to sell it direct instead of taking it to the vendors (i.e. MLM, GNC, Vitamin Shoppe, Costco, SAMs, Walmart, Etc.) like they normally did.

In just a few months Eric has risen to the top of the company as #1 money earner out of 250,000 dealers worledwide and has already won a $60,000 2006 mercedes-benz. In fact, Eric makes more money in a month than most people in America make in an entire year. Eric says that he is "having fun and making new friends all over the world." "With M2C, your life can change," is a direct quote from Eric. He knows all to well what this has done for him. Eric's success is due to his desire to help people help themselves and to become healthy along the way.

Eric is considered one of the country's most successful network marketing representative. A prolific career, which includes the raising of his 2 sons, which are a priority in his life. M2C has become the focal point of his passion for helping people create the life of their dreams. Eric's impact on the world of network marketing has raised the bar and proven that hard work and dedication to the industry can lead to a life changing experience not only for himself, but also for hundreds of thousands of people around spanning the globe.

About Paul Gravette

M2C Global Executive Vice-President & Founder

Paul Gravette was raised in Kentucky, where he learned to work hard, set goals and dream big. Paul attended Murray State University where he studied marketing. At an early age, Paul joined the direct sales industry. Paul has built sales organizations totaling more than 800,000 people during his 14 year career.

By the age of 26, Paul became the top sales representative in a telecommunications company, where he had direct responsibility for marketing and group development. This company became one of the fastest growing direct sales companies in history, growing by more than 2,300% during its first two years in business. Additionally, Paul went on to build one of the largest internet marketing companies in the United States with approximately 500,000 web based customers in just under 18 months.

Paul's leadership style allows him to think as an M2C Global dealer first and as a company owner second. This style has allowed M2C Global to achieve distinct marketing advantages. Paul's vision and belief system reaches out to people and lets them know that they can achieve anything and everything that they set their sites on. Under Paul's direction, some M2C Global milestones include over 3,000 enrollees in one day, a total of approximately 40,000 checks sent directly to M2C Global dealers, and more than 7,000,000 servings of A.C.T. in the first 14 months.

Paul recognized the need for a fast acting and healthy source of energy. He knew the marketplace was ready for life changing product and he knew that he could work with Mark McKnight to create that product. Paul and Mark worked closely with a team of scientists and natural ingredient experts to create A.C.T., the world's 'Feel Good ENERGY Drink'.

Paul Gravette says ...

"My vision for M2C Global is to build strong brands that represent the best of Results and Value in the marketplace. I believe that to achieve greatness, you must first know your 'Why.' Then, you must GO-GO-GO, living by daily written goals until you accomplish your dreams. Remember, goals in writing are dreams with deadlines."


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