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LuluTV, viral video component of, lets filmmakers cash in on their creations with the most lucrative revenue sharing split in the internet video market.

I started posting everything I had at Lulu TV. Yesterday, my monthly PayPal notice came in, and it was for over $3000.

The percentage split of "80/20" is familiarly known for being the Pareto Law, where 80% of the consequences stem from 20% of the causes. It's also known as the split in the online community, 80% readers and 20% writers. Well now thanks to LuluTV, the 80/20 split has a new incarnation.

LuluTV, a viral video site component of, is proud to announce revenue sharing that is the most lucrative split in the market. It targets a more discerning viewer than large repositories like YouTube, and it pays a much more than similar sites. Most sites, such as Revver, split revenue 50/50. With 80 percent of revenue going back to the creators on LuluTV based purely on traffic on the site, LuluTV has been able to spread over $30,000 to the creator base. "We don't view rates up or down and we don't set traffic thresholds, so every view on our site is worth the same. If you get 1% of the views, you get 1% of the total money. It's completely market driven. If you have the most viewed video on the site that month, the more money you get", says Jeremy Hogan, of LuluTV.

LuluTV's top moneymaker, David Broad, says "I've made more money at Lulu

TV, in less time than all the other sites combined." Broad held the number one positions on YouTube and Google Video simultaneously and saw no revenue. "I've made enough money from Lulu TV to quit my day job, and even make a video parody that lampooned

YouTube for taking advantage of creator's work, and encouraged others to do the same." That video started a revolution all it's own, spawning "" which is where other YouTube defectors tell a collaborative tale about "GooTube" hunting down and kidnapping creators who make money on other sites.

Another example of LuluTV's impact is Canadian filmmaker, Andrew Bush. He also spent a great deal of time lost in the sea of content at YouTube and MySpace. His video "Jedi Breakfast" got more views on Lulu TV in one month, than in all the time it spent on YouTube. "I started posting everything I had at Lulu TV. Yesterday, my monthly PayPal notice came in, and it was for over $3000." How much has Bush made from other video sites? "Not a dime." Animation redub artist Daniel Geduld got 'web famous' for laying new audio and voice tracks over old He-Man cartoons in something he called 'The Skeletor Show.' He drew a lot of views, but hadn't considered how he might get paid. Since he joined Lulu TV, he's made nearly $5,000 from two new series of redubs.

The amount of money generated is not the only way creators can measure their success. There has been national media coverage for creators, which include being shown on "The Tonight Show" and another was able to have their documentary (that was posted on LuluTV) picked up by PBS; says Hogan, "The online video market will be over seven billion dollars by 2010. Who's going to get that money? We think the creators should get some of it - 80% to be exact"

To join the most lucrative viral video site on web, visit LuluTV at

About LuluTV ( LuluTV, similar to, drives internet creativity, because Lulu TV pays creators. Viewed as a developing internet video channel, content owners can upload their content - acceptable in every conceivable, consumable, useable, viewable format - and LuluTV syndicates it. People view it, rate it, share it, praise it, link it, and tell the world what they think of it. On LuluTV, popularity pays.

About ( Lulu is the premier self publishing website in the world, offering more than 100,000 print-on-demand titles and a digital marketplace, with over 2500 new titles added each week and created by people in 80 different countries. Lulu is changing the world of publishing by giving total editorial control to the creators of books, video, periodicals, multimedia and other content. Lulu lets people create inexpensively, with high quality results on a simple to navigate website. Lulu also empowers creators to make money on their projects. A proven leader in the print-on-demand marketplace, Lulu, based in North Carolina, sells over 90,000 items per month.


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