Real Estate Investors Rapidly Purchasing Condos at Orlando’s Grand Reserve Due To Innovative Incentives & Turnkey Ownership Options

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According to the Real Estate Investment Alliance, condos at Orlando’s Grand Reserve are selling at a rapid rate due to innovative incentives and turnkey ownership options.

Someone forgot to tell these buyers that we may be in the midst of a housing bubble

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Condos at Orlando’s Grand Reserve are selling at a rapid rate due to an innovative set of incentives and turnkey ownership options being offered to investors, according to the Real Estate Investment Alliance.

“Someone forgot to tell these buyers that we may be in the midst of a housing bubble,” says Sunil Sharma, Principal Realtor at the Real Estate Investment Alliance. “Real estate investors have been lining up to purchase units with us at the Grand Reserve in Orlando. The condominium project is rapidly approaching sell out.”

Quick sellout is not a term heard recently in reference to Florida property or real estate investment. However, an innovative and attractive bundle of services and incentives has investors deciding this is too good an investment opportunity to pass up.

A look at the incentive package offered to buyers helps explain the frenzied demand that this project is experiencing.

  • 2 Years of Payment Incentives. 2 Years of Mortgage, Maintenance and Tax payments are credited to buyers as a cash credit. Combined with 5 years of assured rental payments, a one year home warranty, the projected cash flows for the project appear to be significantly cash flow positive over a five year horizon.
  • 5 Years of Assured Rents. Rental income is assured for 5 years, so the check arrives in the mail at the start of the month, regardless of whether the unit is rented or the tenant is paying his rent. The cash flows are predictable and pricing lower than comparable new construction properties.
  • Low Down Payment. 5% down is all it takes to own this cash flow positive opportunity in Orlando. In addition, closing costs can be rolled into the loan allowing for a no money down purchase.
  • A Double Dip Opportunity - By assuring investors of rental income for 5 years, as well as giving a cash incentive for 2 years of mortgage, maintenance and taxes, investors have a rare double dip opportunity.
  • Absolutely Effortless Investment. A term coined for this project specifically and intended to describe the hassle free ownership opportunity. This is a real estate property you can own without hassle for 5 years. No landlord maintenance hassles, no rent collections. All property management is taken care of by your personal investment property management concierge.
  • Orlando’s Location & Economic Prospects. Orlando appears to have one of the brightest five year forecasts for population, income and economic growth in the country and is an international tourist mecca. The property is located in a very desirable area and is minutes to amenities, restaurants and entertainment. With the wave of Baby Boomers expected to retire in Florida, the long term economic prospects of the state couldn't be brighter.
  • Low Risk, High Potential Reward. Because of the predictability of cash flow and substantial incentives, the risk is low. Limited out of pocket affords the opportunity for leverage and significant gains, creating a defined limited risk, potentially high reward opportunity.

Most investment talk is about traditional investments like stocks, bonds, mutual funds. Traditionally, buyers hold back from investing in real estate due to the time commitment, leasing hassles, vacancy loss potential and lack of positive cash flow properties. This program appears to address investors biggest complaints as witnessed by the rapid sales over the past few weeks that the project has been available.

The Real Estate Investment Alliance takes the hassle out of real estate investments by offering clients hassle free real estate investment opportunities in Florida, the Caribbean, Texas and North Carolina.

Interested investors can still partake in this opportunity as well as an upcoming one in Tampa Bay. For more information, contact the sales team at the Real Estate Investment Alliance at 1-561-306-7908, email at sales @ or visit for details.


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