Recent Study Shows That Pigeons Are Smarter Than We Think

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The results of a recent ground breaking study demonstrated that pigeons are actually capable of feats of memory and reasoning. With this new information, animal rights groups and others will continue the fight for the adoption of humane ways of pigeon control. For 10 years, Deterapigeon has been a leader in safe pigeon spike solutions in the UK.

Two new studies out of Tufts University published in the Nov. 8 Proceedings of the National Academies and an upcoming issue of Psychonomics Bulletin and Review, show that pigeons can remember large numbers of pictures and recognize relationships among groups of images.

In the first study, pigeons were able to remember up to 1,200 images such as landscapes, cars or people simultaneously. If trained that a picture of a red Honda meant food in a right hand container, the pigeons always chose the right hand container when later shown the image. According to the study coauthor, Robert G. Cooks, that's the largest memory bank ever proven for birds.

In the second study, the pigeons first viewed a page of 16 small pictures that were either all the same or all different. For example, if the first page showed 16 small identical mugs, the birds were then able to successfully choose a page showing 16 identical hourglasses over a page showing a variety of pictures. The pigeons also were able to identify pages of all different pictures. The results of this study demonstrated the pigeon's ability to compare two relationships, sameness or difference, rather than just two pictures.

With these landmark studies showing the intelligence of pigeons, many animal activists and animal rights groups hope that people nationwide will adopt humane pigeon control techniques.

"Pigeons have a proud history and it is wonderful to see that science has proven that they also have the ability to remember and reason. I truly hope that the media attention surrounding this report will seep into consciousness of people and that they will investigate humane pigeon control methods if they are experiencing a pigeon problem," comments Dave Jones from Deter-a-Pigeon.

Deter-a-Pigeon is on the cutting edge of offering pigeon control methods such as pigeon spikes, which are an effective, injury free and inexpensive way of preventing pigeons from perching on property.

Property owners looking for pigeon control methods that work should investigate pigeon spikes and other humane ways of controlling the pigeon population. Companies like Deter-a-Pigeon are available to help property owners take care of the problem while still ensuring fair treatment of the birds.


For 10 years, Deterapigeon has been a leader in safe pigeon spike solutions in the UK. In 1995, David Jones, Director of Deterapigeon invented and patented the Defender 4 pigeon spikes which safely deter pigeons without harming them. This still remains the only pest control product recommended by the Pigeon Control Advisory Service (PiCAS).


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