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Many people around the country are making New Year's resolutions to eat better, exercise and manage and treat their aches and pains. Effective, non-drug pain relief methods available from Dr. Bakst can help everyone start 2007 off on a healthy note.

Many people countrywide live with chronic aches and pains. They adapt their lifestyle to manage the pain and can become despondent when they are not able to do the activities they love and have to rely on drug products for relief.

With the start of a new year, people will be turning their attentions to getting more exercise and trying to find ways to help deal with the back aches and pains.

One particular pain relief technique being tried by more and more people everyday is magnetic therapy. Magnetic therapy is a safe, non-invasive method of applying magnetic fields to the body for therapeutic purposes. It accelerates the natural healing process, provides natural pain relief, arthritis pain relief and can improve sleep, all without any adverse side effects.

"Last year, a friend recommended I look into magnetic therapy to help treat my carpal tunnel syndrome that was seriously affecting my ability to work," states Vicky Lancaster from Minneapolis, Minnesota. "I started doing some research and was really encouraged by the results many sufferers were reporting. I decided to purchase the immobilizing wrist support from Dr. Bakst Magnetics and I've experienced phenomenal results," Lancaster concludes.

Dr. Bakst Magnetics has established a strong reputation as the leading provider of magnetic pain relief products because they are the only products available that have a United States concept patent. In addition, all the products have magnets strategically and anatomically placed by Dr. Bakst to maximize proper placement, polarity, position, penetration and power.

"The pain relief from our products will be noticed within a few hours since the magnets disrupt the pain signals before they can get to the brain, so your body never registers any pain," Dr. Bakst explains. "I am thrilled to help so many people improve their lives with magnetic therapy. I hope that in 2007 thousands more people will discover that they do not need to live their lives with chronic pain," Dr. Bakst concludes.

About Magnatech Labs Inc:

Magnatech Labs, Inc., was founded and established by Dr. Alvin Bakst in 1994. Since its inception, the company has been dedicated to researching effective methods of alleviating and eliminating pain in the body without the use of drugs or invasive medical procedures. It has received the only U.S. patent for pain control issued by the U.S. patent office (5,707,333).

Magnatech Labs, Inc. has developed and now manufactures the highest quality magnetic pain relief products available on the market using both ceramic and neodymium magnets placed in a supportive neoprene material to provide maximum comfort and support.


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