Delicious Planet Organic Meal Delivery Service Prepares to Launch its Much Anticipated January 12 Detox Program

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Plus, Detox Tips to Guide a Quarterly Vacation from the Typical American Diet

You’ll finish the detox feeling better than ever and ready to keep the organic deliveries coming

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Delicious Planet, Seattle’s premier organic meal delivery service ( is preparing for its much anticipated January 12 launch of its detox menu plan, Randi Carter, company founder and CEO reported today.

This program comes just in time, now that the time of holiday indulgence has passed and people everywhere are feeling the impact and bounty of their culinary celebrations.

With the detox program, Delicious Planet customers order a three-week regimen of organic meals and snacks that exclude gluten, dairy, corn, egg, soy, and citrus. Carter says that customers soon learn that everything they put into their bodies really does matter.

Carter said that those who experience tiredness, depression, skin conditions, bloating and any of a long list of concerns often find that the detox plan relieves such symptoms. And just about everyone who participates finds that they are able to reset their taste buds so cravings for salt and sugar go away, while losing weight besides.

“What you eat really does contribute to how you feel and look day to day, and the detox food plan brings that into clear focus,” Carter said.

Best of all, Delicious Planet makes it easy for people to stay on plan. Just $295 per person per week, and all meals and snacks are delivered twice a week to their doors. The detox programs are offered on a quarterly basis -- in January, April, July, and October. Carter says that the January program is particularly popular because people are feeling the weight of their holiday indulgence and are ready to do something about it.

For those who wish to try detox on a do-it-yourself basis, Carter offers these tips:

  • Omit alcohol, smoking, caffeine, sugar for one month.
  • Omit the two main allergens that may be causing some distress – gluten (wheat, oats, barley) and dairy.
  • Eat only fresh salads, soups, raw nuts and seeds, beans, lean fish and poultry and fruits and vegetables.

She also offers these tips to stay on plan:

  • Add other, non-food indulgences to your life, such as a massage or spa treatment. Rent wonderful movies to keep yourself happy and entertained. In doing so, you won’t miss the pizza, coffee, and other items that might be contributing to your ills in the first place. “You’ll finish the detox feeling better than ever and ready to keep the organic deliveries coming,” Carter said.
  • Quit trying to be such a perfectionist. It is much better to fall off the wagon and get back on the next day then to ever beat yourself up for cheating on your diet here and there. Try to notice and gently steer away from this behavior.
  • Adopt a stress relieving practice. Some ideas? Massage, yoga, meditation, napping on the weekends? Stress is more toxic than anything, so start here.
  • Buy as much organic as possible. Just put less pollution into your body this way and your body will reward you for it. Trader Joes and farmers’ markets are the most affordable way to go.
  • Exercise. Sweat out impurities by at least walking 30 minutes a day.
  • Increase your fruit and vegetable intake. The fiber will help absorb toxins and take them out of your system quickly, fiber keeps blood sugar stable, keeps you feeling full, etc. The antioxidants in fresh, organic produce will keep your immune system strong. Think about a bowl of whole fruit on the dining room table to grab for breakfast or snacks and adding a green salad with sliced veggies every day.

  • Switch to a high end vitamin supplement. You need high quality ingredients that your body can actually break down and absorb. Low end ingredients, the wrong packaging and chemical fillers, can prevent this from happening. You can find these at health food stores or from your health care provider.

  • Get a water filter. If you don’t have a filter, YOU are the filter. Try reverse osmosis or another professional system.

About Delicious Planet:

Delicious Planet is an organic gourmet meal delivery service that brings chef-prepared meals direct to the doors of hundreds of customers across the Puget Sound region every week. Customers experience the joy of not cooking while honoring their bodies with the quality, organic meals that nurture body and soul. Delicious Planet continues to earn customer loyalty, new customer referrals, and new converts every day. Many customers consider organic meal delivery to be a vital convenience worthy of celebration because of the ease, quality, and flavor it brings to their busy lives. Delicious Planet gift certificates are popular baby shower gifts for new parents and others for needing relief from daily meal preparation for health or other reasons.

The company opened its doors for business in 1999 as a hand-to-mouth enterprise built on a simple idea – preparing and sharing wholesome, delicious and organic meals to nurture friends, neighbors, and colleagues. Today, Delicious Planet is a thriving business. The company employs nine full-time and three part-time team members. The business owns one Delicious Planet delivery truck and rents several others from Enterprise Rent-a-Car to satisfy the gourmet organic food and snack cravings of 200 or more families every week. More than 3,000 people receive the company’s weekly menus by email as they consider the best time to begin their own organic meal delivery service, and more sign-up every day to receive the menus and e-newsletter. To learn more about what customers say, visit, search for Delicious Planet, and read their glowing reviews. To sign up to receive weekly menus and learn more, visit


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