Invention Support Announces a Great New Invention for Cooking Enthusiasts Known as the 'One Cup Packets'

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Invention Support has signed a strategic alliance with Siuila Robinson, the inventor of the new device known as the "One Cup Packets," to offer support for this great new invention and to proudly introduce it into the general market.

Invention Support has signed a strategic alliance with Siuila Robinson, the inventor of the new device known as the "One Cup Packets," to offer support for this great new invention and to proudly introduce it into the general market.

The basic idea behind the One Cup Packets is to make the preparations for cooking more convenient. Flour and Sugar are very common ingredients in many recipes and it is most common that a cook will need one cup of sugar or flour in their preparations. By having these ingredients individually measured and packaged, cooking would be made much more convenient in One Cup Packets. These packets would have important information about the contents on the outside face and provide a convenience to people in the kitchen.

Packaging is a strong consideration in terms of sales of modern day products. People buy the more expensive bags because they think they are more trustworthy. Packaging counts for a lot. An inexpensive but attractive package such as those being proposed by the One Cup Packets will improve the reputation and sales of local products such as Flour and Sugar. Customers will no longer get less for the products they produce and have to pay more for those they buy.

People who function on lower incomes, and who are growing by an increasing proportion, tend to live for today. They buy small quantities of the same things every day from the same place. If anything, that tradition has intensified, and the market has gradually adapted to that culture, so large-scale manufacturers now produce some things in small quantities so that the lower income people can buy them.

The home baking market has gone through a sort of a revival since 2002, despite the image of 21st Century consumers being time-pressed, convenience food devotees. Although health issues may in part be driving growth of home baking products there is still an indulgence theme with baking tending to be an occasional activity rather than being seen as a daily chore. The busy lives of consumers has also led to growth in convenience products such as cake and flour mixes and ready made pastry, that speed up the home baking process.

With increasing competition able to react quickly when new products are introduced, worldwide planning at the product level provides a number of tangible benefits. First, companies will be better able to develop products with specifications compatible on a global scale. Second, they will be able to more effectively and efficiently adapt products to local needs. And finally, they will be able to respond more quickly to competitive moves of global companies. One Cup Packets are a great example of the solutions being developed for these changing trends in the modern marketplace.

One Cup Packets are a great new idea that could certainly benefit in today's market due to the changing trends and fertile opportunities that abound for a product like this. The government's recent deregulation of the commodities market for dairy products has caused prices to increase considerably; for example, the price of butter tripled in 2004. Moreover, the price of pecans has skyrocketed as a result of hurricane damage. For the high-quality bakery that uses premium ingredients, this has been extremely significant and will greatly affect market potential for an item like One Cup Packets. It is sure to make them even more desirable in the coming years.

Siuila's Quote:

I am really excited about this opportunity. This invention (One cup packets of sugar and flour) is something that has a universal application and is economically affordable for all businesses, occupations and class of people.

Marketers and retailers of location devices will soon begin to address the trends in the changing ways people are shopping for their products. Marketing success will come to companies that identify the shifts and turns in the consumer market before everybody else. Jumping on board with the great new invention like the One Cup Packets will be just the way to achieve these ends. It is very likely that the One Cup Packets will soon become a more popular product for countless owners all around the world. For further information on this great new invention, contact "ER" at info@ And ask about the great new invention known as the "One Cup Packets."

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