How To Burn Fat Faster

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Millions of exercise enthusiasts want to now the most effective way to burn and lose fat. Are people exercising at the correct intensity rate and are they working out at the right time of day?

There has been a continuing debate for many years over what type of exercise is the most effective for fat loss. People want to know what intensity level burns the most fat? What time of day they should be working out and how many times a day will allow for the most fat loss.

Is there any one better form of cardio exercise to do than the other?

A lot of research has shown that running causes more muscle damage which leads to a less positive nitrogen balance and an increased need for protein for tissue repair. So running will cause a greater metabolic and caloric stress on the body. Yet this does suggest that running causes a greater loss of fat than that of cycling due to increased post-exercise calorie burning. When it comes to cycling, research studies indicate that upright cycling will achieve a higher heart rate and greater oxygen uptake at peak exercise. The studies also show that upright cycling is more efficient for creating a caloric deficit which could lead to greater fat loss.

What time of day is the best for cardio and at what intensity level?

Exercise in the morning in a state of fast from overnight sleeping while somebody has lower blood glucose levels and higher levels of free fatty acids allows the body to use more fats as an energy source. For intensity of a work out, many studies will suggest that max rates occur at 65 to 75% of the max exercise intensity. Everybody's zone where maximal fat burning occurs with each exercise will be different. Higher intensity work outs are the best form for high levels of fat burning and creating a negative energy balance conducive to weight loss.

For anybody who may find it boring or difficult to do cardio….circuit training is also very effective. People in circuit training have shown that their oxygen uptake and heart rate levels over the first 30 minutes are much higher. The metabolism will also stay higher after this method of training up to about 14.5 hours.

How Much Cardio Should I Be Doing For Fat Loss?

Everyone has different ideas of optimal fat loss. For instance a pro bodybuilder may do two one-hour sessions a day. Yet for the average person looking to lose little body fat and maintain will do 20-30 minute cardio workouts just 2-3 times per a week. Splitting cardio sessions into two workouts per a day allows for a greater acute post-exercise calorie turnover. However new research shows that athletes use greater amounts of fat as energy at rest and during exercise.

It is important for a person to really look at what the long term goal is. Many find a low intense workout in the morning followed by a higher intensity workout in the afternoon provides fast and great results due to greater calorie burning. Resistance training will lead to greater caloric burning after exercise than your basic aerobic workout such as cycling or running. Last, exercising while the body is low on food or when blood glucose is low will result in increased use of fats as a fuel source.

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