New Book Provides Taxpayers with Strategies For Getting a Tax Refund:This Year, Next Year and Every year

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This book provides readers with detailed, and easy to adopt strategies and financial planning techniques they can use or implement to enable them get a tax refund or more tax refund this year, next year, and every year.

With millions of American taxpayers preparing to file their 2006 tax returns, millions more are hoping that they will not owe taxes, but will get a tax refund. While the hopes and desires of many of these taxpayers will turn out to be fulfilled, the same cannot be said for millions of others desiring of a tax refund but who will end up owing taxes instead because they do not know how to go about getting a refund.

"How to Always Get a Tax Refund", by Gladson I. Nwanna, (Ph.D.) takes the guesswork out of getting tax refunds by providing taxpayers who desire tax refunds with strategies they can legally employ to maximize their chances of getting a federal individual (personal) income tax refund or a big tax refund. In this book readers are guided through various aspects of U.S. federal income taxes and provided with detailed steps they can use in achieving their goal.

According to Dr. Nwanna, "the apparent fascination of millions of taxpayers with tax refunds and the excitement that often go with it as well as the disappointment that is observed when others are told by their tax preparers that they will not get a refund and may in fact owe taxes, makes it all the more important that these taxpayers are provided some guidance in understanding the concept of tax refunds and how they can go about it legally. Dr. Nwanna goes on to emphasize the problems and risks to taxpayers who desire tax refunds, provides a good understanding of the financial trade-offs involved and explains what it means to be entitled to a refund. Dr. Nwanna notes that many of the same taxpayers who appear to know very little about taxes, why we pay them and why some get refunds and some don't, are the same taxpayers who are often apt to treat a refund as an entitlement that their tax preparer must get for them.

In addition to a detailed discussion of various strategies that taxpayers can use to maximize their chances of getting a tax refund or a big refund on their federal income tax return, "How to Always Get a Tax Refund" provides readers with additional information that will help them become informed citizens and better taxpayers. This includes information on tax credits, tax deductions, free tax services and other resources available to them that they can utilize to assist them in their tax planning such as telephone numbers, fax numbers, websites, lists of tax forms and tax publications.

"How to Always Get a Tax Refund" is a valuable resource for every taxpayer, those excited about refunds and who are interested in planning towards getting a tax refund or a big refund, as well as those who will feel good knowing that they will not owe taxes at the end of the year. Those who have very little understanding of the U.S. federal income tax system or their civic responsibility to pay their "fair share" of taxes or who have considered non-legal strategies to satisfy their desire for a tax refund will find this book enlightening and beneficial.

Gladson I. Nwanna, Ph.D., is the author of several other tax-related books including "Encyclopedia of Individual Tax Deductions", " A Simplified Guide to Small Business Tax Deductions", "A Citizen's Guide to Negotiating and Working Through Tax Problems with the IRS", "The History of Federal Income Tax and Facts the IRS Wants You to Know - An Annotated Guide for Students and Adults", and     "A Citizen's Guide to Frequently Asked Tax Questions and the Answers the IRS Wants You to Know."

Dr. Nwanna is also the consulting author of the website where taxpayers can access hundreds of tax deductions by PROFESSION or by OCCUPATION. Dr. Nwanna is a professor of Accounting & Finance and a former consultant to the World Bank.

"How to Always Get a Tax Refund " is published by Frontline Publishers, and is available at http://www. It is also available at, through major bookstores nationwide, or directly from the publisher at 1-800-922-7215. ("How to Always Get a Tax Refund", ISBN: 978-1-890605-43-8 or 1-890605-43-3, 284 pages, Retail price $24.99).

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