New Kind of TV Station Shows Movies Commercial Free Reaches Viewers Direct from Space (All Over North America, the Internet and television stations)

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WSTV is a new Kind of Television Station originates from Space via Portland, Oregon, White Springs, Florida. Here's a Television Station that broadcasts via satellite directly to viewers homes and charges no subscription fee. Now, besides reaching viewers from space, this new station is on the internet and a growing number of over-the-air Television Stations.

New Kind of Television Station originates from Space via Portland, Oregon, White Springs, Florida.

Here's a Television Station that broadcasts via satellite directly to viewers homes and charges no subscription fee. The format is comprised of an eclectic mix of movies presented without commercial interruptions. Victor Ives, veteran Oregon broadcaster, who started the channel, said, "Oh, it would be un-American not to run commercials … we do run advertising, but following the movie in sort of a European style."

White Springs TV, as it is called, runs commercials between movies and clustered among cartoons, short subjects and interactive content. The station claims coverage of Canada, USA, Mexico and part of Central America. Almost anyone in the Portland area could get the signal with a small dish and KU Band digital receiver costing under $125.00. "We have no idea how many of the few million homes with small dishes and receivers are watching, but we have been broadcasting a year now and seeing a growth in response.

FTA (Free To Air) viewers have about 80 space channels to watch free. Several have ethnic or religious programming, but PBS some sports fracnhises and a couple of the alphabet networks have joined in.

Now expanding WSTV into a Network. (Over-the-air and on the Internet.)

Over the past few months channel has grown the channel to include TV stations and cable systems of various sizes (UHF, VHF, Low Power, Full Power and Mutlicast) from outlets in San Diego and two in the San Fernando Valley of California, Presque, Maine, Lynchburg-Roanoke, Virginia, Orlando, Florida, Wichita, Kansas, three towns in Alabama, one Washington State, one in South Carolina, two in Nevada and a cable system as far away as Guatamela. "We celebrate every new affiliate equally, be it the tiny towns of Pahrump, Nevada and Sequim, Washington or Los Angeles." Ives says. Channel 9 in Brookings, Oregon has contracted to start carrying WSTRV 70 hours per week. Some of the programming will be seen in the Salem area on locally owned Channel 52 and in Portland on Comcast Cable Channel 14 starting in the New Year.

Movie Mix

"About one out of five films scheduled is a Made-For-TV Movie mostly from the 70's, 80's. Ives says, "An old ABC Movie of the week, is a lot more enjoyable when it isn't interrupted by commercials for abdominal machines or patent medicines", Ives said.

So far, the biggest viewer response is from classic and not so classic movies from the early days of Hollywood including the so called "Poverty Row" studios. Fortunate for us, some the poorer studios were sloppy on copyright renewals and we have gathered hundreds of them as well as the titles from mainline studio and the producers who made films for ABC, CBS, NBC." Ives said.

Victor Ives has been haunting Portland media going back to the 70's when he and Jimmy Hollister hosted Sinister Cinema a late night phenomena which brought KATU Channel 2 as high as a 60 share of the audience. In the mid 90's, Ives founded and managed KWBP TV Channel 32 which was first affiliated with and then sold to Warner Bros.. WB 32 was launched with a non commercial Movie Marathon which was a sign on "stunt" but the movies without commercial interruption is a permanent part of the new White Springs TV Format. The White Springs TV weekly schedule is online at http://www.whitesprings.TV.

Why White Springs?

The name White Springs TV comes from the name of a small town on the Suawanee River in Florida. That's where Ives and his Portland area partners purchased a satellite uplink that beams the programming content created in Portland 22,5000 miles into space … then back to earth. The white Springs Satellite up link also distributes TalkStar Radio Network that provides radio programming to individual users via radio stations in the US and Canada and to satellite and internet listeners via audio streaming. See http://www.whitesprings.TV for Television information and for the Radio Network from the same satellite.

Contact Victor Ives 503 638 4839 (Oregon)


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