The Recent Dialaphone Mobile Phone World Record Breaking Attempt

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Details of Dialaphone's world record breaking attempt at their London offices.

What is there about a record that makes people automatically think that they could better it? This is particularly true of a World Record as the recent record breaking attempt by staff at Mobile Phone Giants Dialaphone recently demonstrated. The record was for the fastest time to type a predetermined text message. It's a record that is a fairly recent addition and as technology increases it can become lower and lower over time. The staff members of Dialaphone were inspired by reading about the record being broken in Singapore and decide to replicate the attempt if not better it.

They possibly felt that working with mobile phones during the course of their jobs at Dialaphone could give them an advantage. The advantage could either be attributed to the type of phones that were used as well as how comfortable they were with using those mobile phones. The record might be beaten more easily with phones that have larger QWERTY style keyboards rather than the standard numeric keypad.

They each tried to better the record, but discovered like many other people, that the task is slightly more complicated than it appears at first. Many people who send a lot of texts believe that they have a good chance of breaking the record. The biggest hurdle is the actually the message itself since it needs to sanctioned by the testing authority. The message that they attempted is very complex, which unfortunately prevented them from achieving their aim.

Each member compared their respective times to create a time related hierarchy for who has the fastest fingers. To compare their best times with other people outside the office they have challenged people reading their account of the attempt to send in their own best times. This could show whether employees who work in the industry have faster fingers than those outside the industry.

Otherwise the attempt can be made again in a little while on keypads that have been better designed for typing at high speeds. There are sure to be more mobile phones released that are easier to type on and working the industry can give the Dialaphone staff a better chance next time round. The new S-Xgen that was recently shown at the Consumer Electronics show in Las Vegas could be an ideal mobile phone to make the attempt on. The foldout keyboard lends itself to these activities far more than traditional mobile phone keypads.

Dial-a-Phone has supplied mobile phones on monthly contract to 2.9 million customers, and since it launched in 2000 over 550,000 customers have connected from the website. Further information about the Dialaphone employees' World Record attempt can be found at:


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