Federal Courthouse Has a Happy Ending to a Moldy Situation

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The Paul G. Rogers Federal Courthouse, in West Palm Beach Florida, was abruptly closed in late 2004 as a direct result of mold proliferation.

This four-story landmark federal building was abruptly closed as result of mold growing in and outside of the building's walls. The mold was spawned from water leaking into the building spurred on by Florida hurricanes Frances and Jeanne.

Forensic investigations revealed water that had seeped in around the windows. The resultant mold and bacteria growth was visibly noticeable as well as creating a musty "unhealthy" odor offensive to all.

Ultimately, all the governmental employees of this federal courthouse including judges, court employees, federal marshals and countless clerical staff members had to relocated to new facilities as well as truckloads of court records.

The mold had literally taken over forcing people and important hardbound legal records to flee. Left unabated, the mold could create a serious health concern for all inhabits as well as a catalyst for documentation delay and damage.

The doors were locked and the problem circumvented re-occupation until the facility were clean, mold free, and certified safe for people and documents to come home.


The General Services Administration (GSA) researched the industry and found Pure Air Control Services to be one of the most qualified, competent, interdisciplinary indoor environmental quality (IEQ) firms in the country.

Pure Air Control Services a 22 year old interdisciplinary indoor environmental firm of four diverse divisions has over 10 million square feet of building environmental experience. Pure Air Control Services building sciences division has backgrounds in industrial hygiene, microbiology, mechanical engineering, building sciences and medical along with a state-o-the-art American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) accredited microbiology laboratory and building remediation division to compliment high profile turn-key environmental projects.

GSA requested Pure Air Control Services to develop a protocol of identifying baseline IEQ conditions and remediation necessary to heal this federal courthouse, in West Palm Beach Florida.

Recommendations considered the removal of all outer walls and the adjacent flooring and ceilings in infected rooms located on several floors. Inspections evaluated remediation work in air handlers and ductwork as well.

Pure Air Control Services comprehensive plan consisted of six (6) timely steps:

1. Establish all IEQ baseline conditions including containment and microbial contaminant concerns

2. Develop a Drywall Remediation/HVAC system cleaning work schedule

3.    Identify QA /QC protocols and standards applicable

5. Perform environmental remediation of the moldy drywall and HVAC system

4.    Build a Decontamination Chamber Cleaning and perform environmental decontamination of 1,000s of files, books furnishings, etc...

5.    Validate Environmental Clearances as the work was accomplished.

Pure Air Control Services worked with the general contractor, GSA and the courts to implement remediation for areas under containment, QA/QC and post remediation clearance testing, for coordinating workflows allowing all forms of tear downs and rebuilds.

Even the building's HVAC system had to be isolated and cleaned in stages with a focus on mold containment.

As the story goes, the project was just about wrapped up when a water pipe burst on the third floor over a long weekend that in 24 hours drenched just about everything. Water is a friend to mold and an enemy to remediation and cleaning efforts.

The battle seemed to turn when Pure Air Control Services, armed with latest sophisticated electronics, was able to spearhead a major assault. Pure Air Control Services quickly determined areas of water intrusion in wall cavities using thermal imaging cameras, wall moisture meters and fiber optic scanning equipment. These hot spots were quickly neutralized and the remediation and reconstruction efforts continued as before. Due to Pure Air Control Services specialty tactical operations and quick response, the new building damage was contained, minimized, and new problem solved.


The final phase of the Courthouse project was environmentally clean of mold and to return all the court records, irreplaceable documents and law books to the facility. A four (4) stage decontamination chamber was custom designed by the environmental scientists at Pure Air Control Services and built on site with detailed decon protocols and independent HVAC system.

Using the specialized four (4) stage environmental decontamination chamber, Pure air Control Services was able to successfully return all of the books, files, and furnishings to their rightful place. Many employees later expressed how much cleaner the building looked, smelled, and felt when they returned. The improved condition so was dramatic and compelling that Ronald W. Hertwig, Jr., Acting Assistant Regional Administrator, Public Buildings Service, General Service Administration (GSA) provided the following comments:

"GSA would like to extend our appreciation to you and your staff, Kevin McKee, Francisco Aguirre, Tim Pilc and the many others, for their ongoing efforts associated with the West Palm Fungal Remediation Project remediation.

The (Pure Air Control services) staff was instrumental in the revitalization of the West Palm Courthouse, working often times in very fast-moving and often challenging condition. Your company's efforts during emergency conditions and your ongoing professional work guaranteed the project's ultimate success. The General Services Administration greatly appreciated your efforts."

Under much fanfare, the Paul G. Rogers Federal Courthouse, in West Palm Beach Florida was reopened in December of 2006 and building occupants resumed their posts in an environmental friendly building. Another successful completion to a complex indoor environmental project


Pure Air Control Services (http://www.pureaircontrols.com) has an in-house Microbiology Laboratory accredited by the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA), one of only 42 in the U.S and the first in Florida (http://www.edlab.org).

Pure Air Control Services is under direct contract with the General Services Administration (GSA), Contract #GS-10F-0488R, linking them directly to federal governmental agencies as a provider for IAQ consulting, expert laboratory analysis, as well as HVAC system cleaning and mold remediation services.

The firm has offices in Tampa, FL, Atlanta, GA, West Palm Beach, Fl., Houston, TX and Washington, DC, that services the entire country.

The firm provides the following indoor environmental services on a national basis:

·    Building Sciences Evaluation

·    Building Health Check

·    Environmental Microbiology Laboratory (AIHA Accredited)

·    Environmental Project Management

·    IAQ-Screen Test Kits/EvaluAire and EvaluAire Pro

·    Mold Remediation Services

·    HVAC System Remediations

Clients of Pure Air Control Services include: General Services Administration (GSA); Johnson Controls; Allstate Insurance; Carrier Air Conditioning; Siemen's Building Systems; Naval Air Warfare Center, Orlando; Naval Air Station - King's Bay, Georgia; The Haskell Company; Leon County Government, Tallahassee, Florida; Pinellas County Government, Clearwater, Florida; Collier County Government, Naples, Florida; Bayfront Medical Center, St. Pete, Florida; US Army - Ft. Bragg, Kentucky; Naval Station - Guantanamo Bay, Cuba; Montgomery County School District, Maryland; Citrus County School District, Florida; and many others.

For additional information, please contact:

Mr. Alan Wozniak, President/CEO

Pure Air Control Services, Inc.

(800) 422-7873 x802


For more information regarding city, county, state or federal building remediation contact:

Pure Air Control Services

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