Dye-Free Flavors Make Medicine Safe for Pediatric Patients with Dye Allergies

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In an effort to accommodate the needs of as many patients as possible, FLAVORx has gone the extra mile to offer dye-free alternatives for its flavors. Chain and independent pharmacies are able to purchase these dye-free flavors so they can provide flavorings for patients with allergies to dyes. Many flavors also have versions with dye for children and parents that desire their flavorings with color.

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It works much better this way. Now parents and children can decide whether or not color is something they can have, or would like, for their medicine. 'Purple' can still mean Grape, but it doesn't necessarily have to.

FLAVORx, Inc, the industry leader in medically-designed and scientifically-tested flavorings for medicine, has yet another positive attribute to add to its line of sugar-free, non-allergenic, alcohol-free (or less than 8%), sodium free and phosphate-free flavors: virtually all of its 42 flavors are dye-free well or have dye free alternatives. The company puts each of its flavor and medication combinations through continual stability and organoleptic testing to ensure that the flavors do not affect the medication's original content, physical appearance, pH level or potency. FLAVORx flavors also do not contain peanuts or peanut extract, casein or gluten, making them safe for children with more severe food allergies.

"We know that a lot of kids want to see purple when they think of Grape. But we started getting more and more special requests for dye-free alternatives from children with red or blue dye sensitivities. That's when we knew it was time for a change- we needed to tweak our system just a little to make it more versatile for patients and their vast array of needs," says Kenny Kramm, FLAVORx President and CEO.

The company now offers it's nearly 40,000 nationwide pharmacies dye-free alternatives for its flavors with separate bottles of coloring if a child indeed wants a medication in a specific color, and given they have no allergies to the colorings. Kramm adds, "It works much better this way. Now parents and children can decide whether or not color is something they can have, or would like, for their medicine. 'Purple' can still mean Grape, but it doesn't necessarily have to."

The company has two remaining flavors of its 42 flavor menu for which it is still working on dye-free versions. Blueberry and Vanilla Butter Nut still contain dye; however, the company plans to have dye-free versions soon. "Our goal is to make every flavor available to as many children as possible," says Kramm.

FLAVORx flavors were intentionally designed to be inert, so as not to affect the medication's original properties. The flavors are also highly concentrated so that only a few drops are needed even for large volumes of medicine. Kramm continues, "The flavors are designed this way for a multitude of reasons. The number one priority is for safety, but secondly it's because we don't want to limit a child from having their medicine in their choice of flavor simply because of their sensitivity to a coloring."

Dye allergies are sometimes difficult to pinpoint because so many items contain dyes. Symptoms of dye allergies are usually less severe and result in rashes and hives or hyperactivity. Studies show that some of the most common dyes to watch for are red dyes #2 and #40, yellow dye #5 (tartrazine) and brilliant blue #2. The most common test to identify dye allergies is simply to restrict items containing the dye- if the reaction goes away in absence of the substance, yet appears when the substance is reintroduced, it could likely be a result of the dye content.    


FLAVORx is a pharmaceutical flavoring system used by pharmacists and veterinarians nationwide to improve the palatability of liquid over-the-counter and prescription medications. To date, FLAVORx has flavored over 40 million prescriptions without any incidence of allergy, adverse reaction or changes in efficacy. FLAVORx flavors are non-allergenic, dye-free, sugar-free, sodium free, phosphate-free and alcohol-free (or less than 8% alcohol), making them safe for all patients. With over 42 flavors ranging from Bubblegum and Watermelon to Chocolate Silk Pie and Peaches 'n Cream, FLAVORx is sure to please any taste bud whether it's a child or an adult. In addition, 16 animal-inspired flavors such as Crispy Bacon and Salmon Steak help medications go down a little easier for FLAVORx's veterinary friends as well.


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