Two Senior Citizens Providing a Quality of Life for their Fellow Australians

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Elmore Oil, a natural product that is easily massaged into painful joints, sore and aching muscles, and any part of the body in need of repair, is going to be sold in Asia, the home of traditional herbal medicine.

When Laurie Dean was a mere 81 years old he met fellow Australian, Ralph Linford, who at the young age of 77 was well on his way to changing the lives of many Australians.

Ralph just happened to have created a product that would start to bring relief to thousands of Australian arthritis sufferers, and Laurie -- well he decided he was just too young to retire.

So the 2 of them teamed up in what has become a famous duo of age and experienced to promote Elmore Oil to the people of Australia. If you haven't guessed it by now, Elmore Oil is the product and Laurie and Ralph are a duo more famous than that other dynamic duo -- Batman and Robyn.

Now 83 and 79 respectively, Laurie embraced the product that Ralph had created in his Victorian home town of Elmore, and took it to the good folk of South Australia, and now it seems the benefits of Elmore Oil have spread right across the nation.

To look at how it all began we need to go back to 1998, when in the tiny township of Elmore, in central Victoria, Ralph began to feel the terrible effects of arthritis in his hands. He tried a lot of products on the market but was disappointed with the results. So with a background in manufacturing, an inventors heart and a love of nature, Ralph set about creating a product of his own, based on the power of the eucalypts that were growing in his own region.

Ralph took the oil from the local Blue Mallee Eucalypt, combined it with another Aussie icon, Tea Tree Oil, and blended it into a mild base of olive oil so that it could be used even on the most sensitive of skin. But that wasn't enough -- he didn't want a product that smelled like a footballers rubbing lotion and he new that Vanilla had fantastic benefits for circulation, so he carefully added some vanilla extracts, using a maturing process which he later decided to patent.

The result was a lotion he called Elmore Oil -- a natural product which could be easily massaged into painful joints, sore and aching muscles, in fact any part of the body that was in need of repair, and the country has fallen in love with it. Of course we also know that his new friend Laurie Dean loves it and together these 2 living salesman, with 162 years of earthly experience between them, want to tell the world about Elmore Oil.

"I new it was a good product the first time I saw it," says Laurie. "I've been around long enough to tell the snake oil from the real Mccoy and this is a real winner. It keeps me going every day and I tell everyone about what it has done for me. I was just too young to retire so I decided to take on the distribution of Elmore Oil in South Australia and I just love it."

"The response has been amazing," says Ralph. "I new I had discovered something unique when I started using it. I couldn't pick up a pot of beer anymore so I just new I had to come up with something to fix the problem. Now I can move my hands like a 25 year old."

And it seems Ralphs invention has caught the attention of some overseas consumers as well. In an ironic twist Elmore Oil is going to be sold in Asia, the home of traditional herbal medicine.

"It seems bizarre," says Ralph, "Asia is the home of all these famous traditional herbal salves and creams yet they want Elmore Oil. I guess they just realize how good this product really is."


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