2007 EPPIE and QUASAR Finalists Announced

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Growing every year, EPIC's EPPIE and QUASAR stand out as the longest-standing and most inclusive e-book awards in existence. Back for its 8th year, the award is changing with the times and adapting to publishing trends.

EPIC, The Electronically Published Internet Connection, is proud to announce the finalists for the 8th annual EPPIE Awards and its cover art component, the QUASAR. Culled down from 611 entries in 23 book categories and 186 entries in 8 cover art categories, this has been EPIC's biggest year yet for the awards.

"Despite the jump in entries, we think we've accommodated the e-publishing world pretty well," states Carol MacLeod, 2007 EPPIEs Chair. "With a larger contest comes the usual problems like getting enough judges. But that comes with the territory."

The problems didn't seem to deter MacLeod, as she forged on to get her job done. "The committee this year has gone above and beyond anything I've ever seen. We all stepped in and did double and triple duty in some cases. We also had many discussions on where we see this contest going and how to get things done in a more efficient manner in future years, like getting more judges."

"The contest changes every year, becoming more streamlined and inclusive" Brenna Lyons, EPIC president inserts. "When we see a way to simplify, we take it. When we see a need for new categories, we look into how feasible it would be to add them."

Adds, MacLeod, "We've started using new and innovative techniques to get the e-books to everyone. Well, I should say new to us, as they've been used by computer groups for years. In past years we emailed each individual book. But not so this year." MacLeod goes on to explain that each e-Book was uploaded to a secure server and then links were provided to judges to download files at their leisure. While she freely admits that took a lot of time, the benefits outweighed the effort, both in convenience and protection for the entered books. "It was so easy this year. True, sometimes the links had to be fixed, but overall the operation ran the smoothest I've ever seen in a contest this large and I've run a lot of them."

The winners are to be announced at the EPPIE banquet at EPICon, March 10, 2007 in Virginia Beach, VA. Grinning, MacLeod admits that getting the books entered and the EPPIE judging done is only half the work of the contest. The rest will start somewhere around March 8th, when the convention opens for business.

Lyons finishes by applauding both the EPPIE committee and the finalists in the contests. "With a target of 10% finalists, these really are the cream of the crop entered this year. The competition is fierce every year, but this year saw an incredibly good field of entrants."

This year's EPPIE finalists are:


*Fire Owl- Gerald Mills- Twilight Times Books

*Mindwar- Darrell Bain- Doubble Dragon Publishing


*A Partner's Promise- Fran Shaff- Wings ePress

*Other People's Secrets- Stacey Lee- Wings ePress

*Rickie the Raccoon Learns about Recycling- Giovanna Lagana- Writer's Exchange e-Publishing

*The Angel of St Thomas- Peter Prellwitz- Double Dragon Publishing

*White Odyssey- Darrell Bain- Double Dragon Publishing

Contemporary Romance:

*East of Easy- Linda Bleser- Cerridwen Press

*Honeymoon for One- Stephanie Bedwell-Grime- New Concepts Publishing

*I'll Be There for You-     Ellen Fisher- Samhain Publishing

*I'll Do Anything- Chrystal Kincaid- Triskelion Publishing

*Joys of Home- Bonnie Hamre    - Whiskey Creek Publishing

*Meant To Be- Denise A. Agnew- Cerridwen Press

*The Nerd Prince- Ellen Fisher- Samhain Publishing


*Fine Flickering Hungers- Alessia Brio- Phaze

*Second Sight- Ann Regentin- Midnight Showcase

*Sequestered Passion- Adrianna Dane- Amber Quill Press

Erotic Romance Contemp/Suspense/Mystery:

*Ice Queen- Joey W. Hill- Ellora's Cave

*Just the Bare Facts, Ma'am- Adrianna Dane, Chevon Gael, Selah March, Carolina Valdez, Deirdre O'Dane- Amber Quill Press

*Losing It- Kate Willoughby- Liquid Silver Books

*Mirror of My Soul- Joey W. Hill- Ellora's Cave

*Take It on Faith- M. L. Rhodes- Amber Quill Press

*Wish List- Sylvia Day- Ellora's Cave

Erotic Romance Historical Fiction:

*A Knight in the Dungeon- Sarah Winn- Whiskey Creek Press

*Ask For It- Sylvia Day- Kensington Publishing

*Incomparable    - Emma Wildes- eXtasy Books

*Savage Shores- Emma Wildes- Venus Press

Erotic Romance Fantasy/Paranormal:

*Animal Dreams- Jeanne Laws- Loose Id

*Blind Devotion- Lucynda Storey- Triskelion Publishing

*Immortality's Caress: Eloise's Awakening Book 2- Monica M. Martin- eXtasy Books

*Knights of the Magical Realm: Warriors Gone Wild- Tina Gerow, Linda Wisdom, Dakota Cassidy, Brit Blaise- Triskelion Publishing

*Let Them Eat Cake-     Ravyn Wilde-     Ellora's Cave

*Potions, Elixirs, and Brews? Oh, My!- Lacey Savage, Cassandra Curtis, Caitlyn Willows, Adrianna Dane, Brit Blaise- Amber Quill Press

*Shifting Sands- Lacey Savage- Loose Id

*The Distressing Damsel- Shelly Laurenston    - Samhain Publishing

*The Ice Dragon- Bianca D'Arc- Samhain Publishing

Erotic Romance Science Fiction/Futuristic:

*Celestial Passions: Sheala- Judy Mays- Ellora's Cave

*Deadworld- Lorie O'Clare- Ellora's Cave

*Shadow Warrior- Layla Chase, Delilah Devlin, Betty Hanawa, Myla Jackson- Triskelion Publishing

*The Rea Cheveyo Chronicles: Talyss- Rayne Forrest- Loose Id


*Dragon's Gold- Piers Anthony and Robert E. Margroff- Mundania Press

*Hierath- Joanne Hall- e-Press Online

*River- Skyla Dawn Cameron- Mundania Press

Fantasy/Paranormal Romance:

*A Griffin's Treasure- Lynne Connolly- Triskelion Publishing

*Missing in Action- Pam Champagne- Triskelion Publishing

*Song Weaver- Michelle L. Levigne- Amber Quill Press

*Supernatural Love- Jeanine Berry- Mundania Press

*The Beast Within- Kelly Ethan- Samhain

*The Taste of Magic-     Gina Rosavin- Love Struck Books


*A Year and a Day- Willa Okati- Samhain

*Details of the Hunt- Laura Baumbach- Loose-ID

*Ransom- Lee Rowan    - Linden Bay Romance

*The Broken Road- Sean Michael- Torquere Press

Historical and Western:

*Hudson Lake- Laura Mazzuca Toops- Twilight Times Books

*The Centurion- Alex Domokos and Rita Y. Toews- Hard Shell Word Factory

Historical Romance:

*Captain Sinister's Lady- Darlene Marshall-     Amber Quill Press

*Pirate's Price- Darlene Marshall- Amber Quill Press

*The Irish Countess- Janet Quinn- Whiskey Creek Press


*Fear: Anthology of Horror and Suspense- Louise Bohmer, Vickie Britton, John Everson, Loretta Jackson, Nancy Jackson, Giovanna Lagana, Linda L. Lattimer, Janet Mills, Susan M. Sailors, Richard A. Satterlie, Katherine Smith- Whiskey Creek Press

*Rhiannon's Run and Other Tales- Chris Neeley- Titan Press

Inspirational Fiction:

*Begin With Me- Mike Ryan- Whiskey Creek Press

*Outlaw's Daughter- Sherry Derr-Wille- Awe-Struck Books


*Falcon's Bend Case Files, Volume I- Karen Wiesner & Chris Spindler- Hardshell Word Factory

*Just Add Water- Jinx Schwartz- WhoooDoo Mysteries

*Malpractice- Louise Titchener- Hardshell Word Factory

*Rio Star- Pepper Smith- Whiskey Creek Press

Nonfiction: General:

*The Last Boat Out: Memoirs of a Triumphant Vietnamese-American Family- Truong-Nhu Dinh and Tran Thi Truong Nga- Gaslight Publishing

*Hypnosis in Healthcare- Stephen LaFevers- Whiskey Creek Press

Nonfiction: Self Help:

*Cribbage Reinvented, Second Edition- J. T. Best- Boson Books

*Hasty Tasty Meals in the RV- Cheryl Norman- Paw Prints POD

*Woodworking for Idiots Like Me- Dr. Bob Rich- Anina's Book Company


*The Real Reason the Queen Hated Snow- Annette Marie Hyder- Twilight Times Books

*What Will Suffice- Barri Bryan- Hard Shell Word Factory

Romantic Suspense:

*Lycan Instinct- Brandi Broughton- Cobblestone Press

*No Ordinary Love- Karen Wiesner- Whiskey Creek Press

*Point Blank- Julie Cambria-     Whiskey Creek Press

*Watch Over Me- Gail R. Delaney- Triskelion Publishing

Science Fiction:

*Infinite Space, Infinite God- Karina and Robert Fabian- Twilight Times Books

*Needle- L. L. Whitaker- e-Press Online

Science Fiction/Futuristic Romance

*Nuworld: The Saga Begins-     Lorie O'Clare- Ellora's Cave

*The Phoenix Rebellion Book III: Gaining Ground- Gail R. Delaney- Triskelion Publishing

*The Phoenix Rebellion Book IV: End Game- Gail R. Delaney- Triskelion Publishing

Single Title/Mainstream:

*Mirror in a Blade- Eugen M. Bacon- INTERBAC

*Out of Time- Pauline Baird Jones- Hard Shell Word Factory

*Yellow Mountain- Rhiannon Neeley- Titan Press

Cover art winners:


The eight Ariana Winners received the top number of votes in their categories. From the eight, the EPIC membership will vote to award the QUASAR for the Best Cover of 2007.

*Fantasy, Fantasy Romance, and Paranormal Romance

River- cover artist Trace Edward Zaber- Mundania Press LLC

*Historical and Western

Widow's Walk- cover artist Nikki Leigh- Write Words, Inc - Cambridge Books


Fear: Anthology of Horror and Suspense- cover artist Jinger Heaston- Whiskey Creek Press

*Mainstream, Single Title, Nonfiction, and Poetry

Lipstick and Other Stories- cover artist Stacey L. King- Phaze Books

*Mystery, Suspense, Action-Adventure, and Thriller

A Circle of Crows- cover artist Jinger Heaston- Whiskey Creek Press

*Romance, Contemporary Romance, and Historical Romance

Bone Deep- cover artist April Martinez- Liquid Silver Books

*Science Fiction and Science Fiction Romance

Jigsaw- cover artist Trace Edward Zaber- Mundania Press LLC

*Young Adult and Children's

Valley of the Raven- cover artist Kurt Ozinga- Twilight Times Books


The eight Dirk A. Wolf Winners received the second highest number of votes in their categories in the first round of judging.

*Fantasy, Fantasy Romance, and Paranormal Romance

Of Water and Dragons- cover artist Ruth Bochte- Awe-Struck

*Historical and Western

Lies That Bind- cover artist Nancy Donahue- Whiskey Creek Press


Return To Deville's Crossing- cover artist Gin E L Fenton- Chippewa Publishing LLC

*Mainstream, Single Title, Nonfiction, and Poetry

Song of Cy: Understanding Grief- cover artist Jinger Heaston- Whiskey Creek Press

*Mystery, Suspense, Action-Adventure, and Thriller

Point Blank- cover artist Jinger Heaston- Whiskey Creek Press

*Romance, Contemporary Romance, and Historical Romance

Chase for an Angel- cover artist Jinger Heaston- Whiskey Creek Press

*Science Fiction and Science Fiction Romance

The Moses Probe- cover artist Trace Edward Zaber- Mundania Press LLC

*Young Adult and Children's

Trapped in Devil's Cavern- cover artist Deb Lee Nurmi- Books Unbound


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