Mommy Millionaire, One Woman's New Book Tells How To Build a Multi-Million Dollar Business From a Kitchen Table Idea

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With the help of a couple of rules, a mom from Michigan found a way to have it all -- good mom and successful businesswoman--without losing her mind.

Kim Lavine is on a mission: to help women become their own bosses and fulfill their need to make family their top priority.

Lavine is the President of Green Daisy, Inc and author of the new book "Mommy Millionaire: How I Turned My Kitchen Table Idea Into a Million Dollars and How you Can Too," the ultimate step-by-step guide to building a business while keeping your family your #1 job. (St. Martin's Press, February 20, 2007).

She's touring the country at the invitation of media, conferences and bookstores across the US, offering free seminars to launch the book Publisher's Weekly called a "Top-notch how-to guide on launching a business. Lavine's human and authoritative story makes this one of the most engaging and useful resources available for readers hoping to convert their passion into a healthy company--any man who perceives her lessons as gender-specific will lose out on a rare gem."

Lavine is obviously doing something right. After just a few years, her company is already valued at close to $10 million dollars. She took her kitchen table idea--the Wuvit, a microwavable spa therapy pillow--to millions of dollars in retail sales at the nation's top retailers, raising angel capital and recruiting world-class talent to work for her company. Now she's being courted by major corporations interested in sponsoring her, eager to tap into the cultural trend she personifies.

"There are 11 million women-owned businesses in the US," says Lavine, "and women are starting businesses today at two times the rate of men. These women are changing the way America works, quitting jobs and starting businesses in record numbers to go in search of the perfect part-time job--one that doesn't penalize them for being a mom."

"I used to hide behind a locked bathroom door with the phone when a business call came in, my toddlers pleading for my attention on the other side. It occurred to me that something was wrong with this world when you had to apologize for having kids."

Thus was born "Mommy Millionaire Rules™"--amusing insights Lavine learned from years of balancing motherhood with entrepreneurship. Rule #1: Don't apologize for having kids.

According to Lavine, women are winning in the perennial struggle to balance career and family life. "The technology of email, cell phones and the Internet have liberated us, which will radically transform the 9 to 5 workday and family world. Never before has it been so distinctly possible, for us as women, to have it all."

"Mommy Millionaire" tells the story of one woman's inspiring entrepreneurial journey and her ability to not take "no" for an answer--even from her kids. When her husband is unexpectedly laid off, this mom with no business experience finds a way to support her family and her special needs child, taking her company from kitchen table to multi-million dollar business.

The book could be best described as a "How To Make A Million Dollars" manual, crammed with detailed information on how to do everything from write a patent, get on QVC, source international manufacturing, and raise critical start-up capital to get your business going.

"The hardest thing any entrepreneur has to do is raise money, and nobody anywhere is teaching anyone how to do it," Lavine points out. "There are over 20 billion dollars available to entrepreneurs from Angel investors every year. Angel investing is growing 20% annually. I'm here to teach everyone, from start-ups to seasoned entrepreneurs, what it takes to tap into the money you need to start and grow your business--especially women, who are grossly underrepresented in private equity funding."

Forget about all those "think rich" books that are long on philosophy and short on details. "Mommy Millionaire" is a step-by-step guide on how to turn even the simplest idea into a million dollars, revealing things that nobody else will tell you. With a useful lists of resources that offer help to businesses, and a personal account that gets to the heart of what it takes to succeed as an entrepreneur, "Mommy Millionaire" is necessary reading for those fascinated by business and eager to create their own million, or anyone interested in a personal story of risk, hardship and transformation.

"Everything begins with a search for something better--a dream, an idea, the courage to face a challenge, and the passion to get it done. You can do it. Believe in yourself. Change the rules. Join the revolution."--Kim Lavine, Mommy Millionaire--Your Friend in the Business™.

Kim Lavine is founder and president of Green Daisy, Inc., maker of fun, natural products for a happy life.™ Kim lives in Grand Haven, Michigan with her husband Dave and their two sons.

Visit or to learn more about Kim and the Green Daisy family of products.

"Mommy Millionaire" is available Feb.20th wherever books are sold.

"Mommy Millionaire" is a trademark of Green Daisy, Inc.

For information contact:

Steve Troha, St. Martin's Press, 646-307-5569

Currently scheduled book tour cities and dates:

Grand Rapids--February 17-19, 2007

Detroit--February 20, 2007

New York--February 22-24, 2007

Atlanta--February 26, 2007

Nashville--February 28, 2007

Louisville--March 1, 2007

Cincinnati--March 3, 2007

Dayton--March 4, 2007

Cleveland--March 5, 2007

Chicago--March 9-10, 2007; Country Living Magazine Event--Kim will be on a female entrepreneur panel in Chicago on March 10, 2007

Milwaukee--March 12, 2007

Minneapolis--March 14, 2007



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