Crash Course in 9-Parts Puts Ordinary Internet Marketers On the Fast Track for Extraordinary Wealth

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"Average Joes" (and Janes) reveal the secrets of their million-dollar online success in one-on-one interviews with marketing guru Dan Lok in his just-released eBook Ordinary People, Extraordinary Income: How Real People Are Making Real Money on the Internet. The interviews reveal in blow-by-blow detail how nine "mom and pop" websites evolved from ideas into businesses into profit centers generating $50,000 To $2,000,000 annually

The limitless possibilities for everyday people to get rich on the Internet are illuminated in the success stories featured in Ordinary People, Extraordinary Income: How Real People Are Making Real Money on the Internet. The new eBook by online marketing guru and mentor Dan Lok features interviews with "a hand-selected group of my most astonishing proteges," he says. "These 'ordinary' people translated ideas into online businesses that are currently generating up to $2 million annually."

Honor Roll

The nine individuals featured in Ordinary People, Extraordinary Income are a who's who of accomplished entrepreneurs. "I call these people 'ordinary' because of their modest backgrounds," says Lok. "But they are as extraordinary as the success they've achieved, building financial empires in record time."

Sharing their experiences as well as their strategies are an ex-military man who started with nothing and now pulls in a minimum of $500 per day and a former dentist who earned more in one year than most of his peers would earn in their lifetimes. "I talk to an ex-telemarketer who went from barely scraping by to being so successful he only needs to work four hours a day," Lok says with pride.

Also included are conversations with a one-time door-to-door salesman who started with a little over a $100 bucks in his pocket… but before long… was pulling in a cozy six-figure income. And there are still other "ordinary people" whose websites are generating six- and seven-figure incomes for them.

The Mystery Guest

Rounding out the interviews is a man whom Lok identifies only as "Mr. X." A highly successful direct marketer and copywriter with over 20 years of experience, "even Mr. X was once an ordinary person," reveals Lok. "He started his first mail order business at the age of 18 and now makes up to $2,000 a day online (plus thousands more in his direct mail business) selling something you can find in seconds online for free."

Visual Aids

In addition to the nine interviews, Lok has included "details on all the tools, software and recourses you need to use…the same tools, software and resources responsible for my protégés meteoric success." He's also added a visual dimension, including screen shots of actual websites.

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About Dan Lok

Known as the "The World's #1 Website Conversion Expert," Dan Lok is the "go-to" Internet marketing genius who's created hundreds of money-making ads and sales letters for clients in more than 49 different industries. His expertise has driven traffic and sales of $25.7 million in merchandise and services and his clients are earning from $5,000 to $30,000 each month…to more than $2 million per year.


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