Internationally Collected Artist Robert Dowling Offers Original Painting of Album Cover Art for Auction on eBay

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Robert Dowling announced the upcoming sale of the painting entitled "Won't You Burn Me Down" to be offered for auction through eBay. "Won't You Burn Me Down" is featured on the cover art for the newly released album by singer/songwriter Laurie Jones.

Robert Dowling announced the upcoming sale of the painting entitled "Won't You Burn Me Down" to be offered for auction through eBay. "Won't You Burn Me Down" is featured as the cover art for the newly released album by singer/songwriter Laurie Jones. Accompanied with the sale of the painting will be a signed copy of the CD by artists Robert Dowling and Laurie Jones. The Auction will begin on January 11th and will run for seven days ending on January 18th. Interested parties can view the auction at Art by Robert Dowling.

"Won't You Burn Me Down" sparks the end of an era for Robert Dowling. The key focus of the painting reveals a legless, surrealistically shaped, emotionally scared woman with a key protruding from her back. Over the past few years, Dowling has used this character in numerous paintings, beginning with the painting entitled "Mommy's Little Girl". Each painting has been highly sought and collected. Robert Dowling revealed that this will be the last time she will be used in a painting; the series will now be closed. In discussing the end of the series, Robert reflects upon his decision:

"I feel as though this is a proper way to end the series of this character. She and I have gone through a lot of trauma and healing together. I am happy with the way this journey has ended. What better way to complete a series than to have it featured on a CD cover?"

Robert Dowling has already made his mark on the local art community, as his art has across the U.S. and in Europe prior to the opening of Dowling Studios & Gallery in Bangor, Maine. Dowling's preternatural and extraordinary paintings have grabbed the attention of the art world with their dark, hidden and layered meanings - creating a fluid world of planning, chaos, change, and emotion. One of a separate reality - where dreams, childhood, and imagination may seem all too real. Robert reflects that, "When I tell others about my dreams, they look at me as if I'm crazy… but, when I paint my dreams, I am a genius."

When Dowling is asked what style his art is, his only response is brought from what some of his collectors describe as: "Robism." Robert incorporates his life, memories, dreams, and childhood in his work. It is clear that his uniquely original art is vital and the very core of his psyche: "Every painting I do, I create as if it is the last thing that I will ever do, the last thing people will see from my own thoughts - my last voice."

Laurie Jones is Laurie's self-titled 3rd CD, a unique collection as rich and varied as her own life. "This record comes from the music I really love. I allowed my gospel and country influences to face off with my rock demons." The record takes Jones' art to a new level -- from heartfelt confessionals to out-and-out rockers, even a couple of eye-opening remakes of tracks from 'After the Crash' and other surprises. Laurie Jones tours the U.S. and has played her music from Maine to Florida, in Canada, and such venues as The National Folk Festival.

About the Artists:

Robert C. Dowling has always been regarded an art prodigy; even in the first grade it was apparent that Robert had elemental artistic and imaginative aptitudes unlike other children in his age group This quiet enigmatic child developed his skills into a contemporary and original voice, fine art that stands alone in it's uniqueness, power, and emotional transformation. Dowling has sold over 500 paintings and drawings in the past four years alone. His paintings are now some of the most sought after works of art on the Internet and beyond. Dowling has accrued a list of collectors and supporters reaching across the globe. His paintings reside all across America as well as Japan, Austria, the United Kingdom, Spain, Madrid, Canada, Italy, Mexico, Germany, Paris, and other international locations. Robert Dowling resides in Maine, living in a small dilapidated cabin on the shores of Hermon Pond. Robert Dowling owns and operates and Dowling Studios & Gallery in Bangor, Maine where he dedicates his life to the arts. Dowling's dedication and drive to create his unique art says it all: "I would rather fail as an artist, than succeed as anything else."

For further information and interviews, contact Robert Dowling directly at or via e-mail.

To view the painting and auction please visit Robert Dowling's eBay store at Art by Robert Dowling.


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