Is Poor Digestion Making You Fat?

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New research is showing that a slow or sluggish digestive system can cause you to have problems losing weight, feel easily tired, have feelings of depression, and cause indigestion and irregular bowel movements.

The recently released "Zymelite" enzyme diet claims that your digestive system is key to healthy weight loss. Despite the unending list of diets and diet products out right now, it seems like current research is lending validity to the enzyme push. But can people really lose weight with an enzyme pill instead of following the standard diets?

With a sea of options for dieters, it seems like every website and magazine has a different take on the safest way to lose excess pounds. With glycemic index diets, high protein diets, all veggies diets, pills, teas and no real authority that can definitely answer the question "which one works?" What's even harder to gauge is whether or not they are realistic enough that you can stick to it for the long term.

Many leading doctors and nutritionists have been researching the direct effects of digestive enzymes on the breakdown of foods and the elimination of fatty deposits.

Doctor Jaques Renald has spent more than seven years testing a variety of enzymatic extracts to gauge their effectiveness in breaking down food and increasing energy, which often leads to expedited weight loss.

Dr. Renald made a statement about his research saying, "My findings definitively showed that there is a group of enzymes, primarily Lipase 8, Protease 5000, Alpha Amylase 1000, Gluco Amylase 100, and Bromelain, that when combined at the proper percentages will increase speed of digestion, raise energy levels, and seem to work to reduce weight especially in the mid-section."

One mid-south nutraceutical company has followed Dr. Renald's research carefully over that time and has developed a capsule that combines all of these enzymes with other natural extracts to enhance the enzymatic weight loss properties. The new product, Zymelite, is only available through the Internet and in small quantities due to the limited amount of raw materials.

So ... can this new pill give people the weight loss benefits without the hassle? We asked a world-renowned nutritionist Janet Fishborne to review this revolutionary new diet pill to get the truth.

"While I usually do not comment on any weight loss products, I was quite surprised at this particular combination. The extracts truly work together to enhance each other and increase the potentency." Says Fishborne, "It does appear based on my background and research that this combination of enzymes can detoxify your digestive system and increase energy levels."

Fishborne also mentioned that digestion plays a central role in all around health. Poor digestion can cause metabolism to slow and have a negative affect on your overall health and well being, thus lowering energy levels and causing your body to have a difficult time processing the nutrients you consume.

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