How Do You Firm Up A Mucky Lake Bottom? The WeedRoller Automates The Process By Removing Lake Weeds and Muck

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Using The WeedRoller to improve your waterfront. Lake weeds and a soft bottom have always hindered the ability to enjoying a beachfront suitable for swimming and fun. Using a method that will continually agitate the lake bottom can dramatically reduce or remove lake muck. Rakes and lake weed cutters are effective but time consuming. The Weeders Digest has teamed with the Crary WeedRoller to offer a machine that will reduce muck, silt and aquatic weeds while dramatically reducing the effort to improve any shoreline.

The Weeders Digest Help Desk has added another innovative tool to benefit lakeshore owners called the WeedRoller which uses a sweeping arm to remove aquatic vegetation and weeds, muck and silt in front of a dock or pier to clear a swimming area or beach.

The WeedRoller uses a breakthrough pivot design that slowly rolls along the lake bottom, while detaching weeds from the soil and agitating the lake bed. The aquatic weeds can then be quickly and easily gathered with a lake rake and disposed of. Once the initial clean up is complete, it requires only occasional use to keep it weed free. The result is a cleaner, firm, natural lake bottom, ideal for swimming and water activities. The WeedRoller easily mounts to a dock in minutes, is environmentally safe, and requires about the same power it takes to operate a household light bulb.

For many, the WeedRoller offers a more environmentally friendly solution than damaging herbicides and chemicals which are also costly and oftentimes ineffective if improperly applied. Herbicides typically require a permit, but lakeshore owners often take the chemical application process into their own hands rather than complying with state and local regulations. Applying herbicides requires more knowledge than most homeowners posses. Irresponsible use could negatively impact the environment. This process should be left to a professional applicator rather than the homeowner.

A permit may also be required for operation of the Weed Roller depending upon the state where it is installed. Contact your state for specific regulations. Permit information can also be obtained at .

In addition to the WeedRoller, The Weeders Digest continues to offer a wealth of tools, tips and education for lakeshore management. Other shoreline solutions include lake rakes and water weed cutters such as the Beach Buddy, Beach Groomer, WeedRazer, Aqua-Tiller, Aquatic Vegetation Groomer, Arrow Tooth, Lake Bottom Blanket, AWE, Aqua Blaster, Scott Aerator, Kasco Fountains and Midwest Rakes.

The Weeders Digest's addition of the WeedRoller will be supported by information found at Weeders and through the phone support when calling The Help Desk at 763-551-1441.


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