The New Product No American Idol Wannabe Should Be Without -- Dr.Franklin's Underarm Sweat Shields the Antidote to Hottest TV Show Contestants' Woes

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This season's American Idol hopefuls will want to check out Dr's underarm sweat shields before stepping center stage. Thanks to this product, the perspiration that's almost guaranteed to flow under the bright lights and glaring pressure of the competition will remain invisible to the show's massive viewing audience.

As Season 6 of America's number-one rated show, American Idol, gears up for its television debut, there's a new product this season's hopefuls should consider before entertaining a nationwide audience. Past contestants like first-round rejection Derek Dupree, finalist George Huff and ultimate winner Ruben Studdard would have saved themselves a lot of embarrassment had they been sporting Dr.Franklin's underarm sweat shields prior to taking center stage. Auditionees who've already received the coveted "Welcome to Hollywood" nod will want to check out the product online at

The sweaty-armpit dilemma Dupree, Huff and Studdard battled, perhaps without even realizing it until they saw themselves on TV, is one that is shared by millions. In fact, 30 percent of the world's population, or close to two billion people, suffer from an excessive perspiration condition, known in the medical profession as hyperhidrosis. And more than half of those experience excessive sweating of the armpit. Granted, not everyone reveals their sweat-soaked stains to an audience of millions, but even one person spotting those telltale marks is humiliating enough. is dedicated to helping every individual who has ever been embarrassed by excessive sweating. The company's underarm sweat shields are just the first in a long line of products that will wage war on hyperhidrosis, which affects many parts of the body including the underarms, the palms of the hands, the soles of the feet and the forehead.

"Because it is the most common form of hyperhidrosis, we decided to focus on underarm perspiration first," explains Dr.Franklin's underarm sweat shields' developer, "but we will be launching many new products for people who suffer from excessive sweating down the road."

In keeping with the family-friendly American Idol approach, all products, including its underarm sweat shields, are safe and 100 percent natural. They pose absolutely no risk to their wearers and no surgery, pills or injections are required to halt the sweating process. In fact, the product in no way interferes with the body's own natural sweat process. Dr.Franklin's underarm sweat shields are also hypoallergenic and disposable and they last all day, making them a quick and convenient means of combating a common daily problem.

American Idol contestants and other sweat sufferer who would like to learn more about Dr.Franklin's underarm sweat shields can do so online at Additional information about the product can be obtained by contacting Franklin Gonzalez via email.


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