Violence and Girls: What Can Be Done Answered in New Book

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Are girls more violent today or are girls and violence just given more publicity? Does the pop culture feed into this problem? I believe the answers to these questions is - yes! Learn why girls bully others, how they bully, what is happy slapping, and solutions to these issues and much more.

Are girls more violent today or are girls and violence just given more publicity? Does the pop culture feed into this problem? I believe the answers to these questions is - yes. Here are some reasons girls bully others:

The need for peer acceptance is great

The desire to become popular.

Feeling powerful becomes extremely important to girls, particularly during adolescence.

Her bullying may be fueled by her own insecurities.

Many look for ways to take advantage of insecurities of other girls.

She may lack constructive ways to express her anger.

They have a need to socially isolate the victim. For many this will increase the social status of the bully.

She might be driven by jealousy

Here is what many believe:

•Girls are pictured as two-faced, back stabbing, gossiping behind other's backs, and have their confidence broken by other girls.

•Girls are very good at getting many girls in the same grade mad at one individual girl.

•They seem to have the power to destroy others social lives.

•They attack each other's weaknesses.

•They attack each other's relationships.

•Girls are very active when it comes to cyber-bullying. A recent Girl Scout study confirmed that girls are nastier on-line than in real time.

•Girls look at physical violence as much more acceptable today.

•With girls they're very emotional. They want people to like them and they want to be popular.

•Many girls turn to boys as best friends because they're more trusting.

•Girls are now more likely to carry weapons and respond to settling issues with violence.

•Female physical violence follows verbal bullying.

Statistics show that in 2003 there were 643,000 arrests of females under the age of 18. Also, 20.5% of arrests are for running away, 25% are for shoplifting, and these are signs of trying to survive. Once only an epidemic in England, happy slapping is now here. It must be more enjoyable to post what you did on the Internet so it can be viewed over and over and over.

There is a new book, "Stopping School Violence: The complete guide for parents and educators on handling bullying" now available.

Media copies are available by sending an e-mail to me with your address.

I'm writing to see if I can do an interview about solutions to this epidemic. This book is a solution driven resource book. It is not a novel. To schedule an interview, reach Derek at 847-853-4308.

Inside this book learn the following action steps:

25 steps on how a parent can help their child

27 items to look for or consider if one's child is the bully

22 early warning signs of violence

59 action steps for schools

10 helpful programs for younger students

34 pros and cons of school uniforms

14 tips on handling cyber-bullying

26 steps for girls who are victims

13 tips for any child who is being bullied

9 excellent ideas on helping promote a positive self-concept

17 tips for promoting better communication

40 starter questions for teachers to bring out discussions on bullying

A sample survey for schools

"Stopping School Violence"

Publisher: Authorhouse

ISBN # - 1-4259-4003-x


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