Custody Calculations Family Law Website; Providing Real Solutions For Children With Special Needs During The Divorce Process

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Custody Calculations is a fully automated Internet web site dealing with family law. With a pending launch date in the next several weeks, Custody Calculations will be able to provide real solutions and services for children with special needs. These are children who may be blind, children who may be deaf or wheelchair bound or children with psychiatric or other medical conditions. These services will allow parents and their children the ability to stabilize their lives and provide for the recovery of their family in a more productive manner than is currently in place now both during and after the divorce process. Custody Calculations is designed for use by family law attorneys, judicial officers, courts, custody evaluators, mediators, individuals, counseling centers and more. The web site offers an entirely new way to deal with issues such as custody and visitation, child support, alimony, property settlement, court orders and more.

Few who discuss reforming family law ever address the issues of children with special needs and special challenges. These are children who may be blind, children who may be deaf, children who may be wheelchair bound, or children who have or need an organ replacement. This also includes children who may be diagnosed with schizophrenia or bi-polar disorders and other medical and psychiatric issues. In fact there is little recognition of this population at all in the divorce process and even fewer judicial officers who may have experience in providing comprehensive court orders for these families.

To obtain anything close to what these children need medically or physically, these parents must depend on custody evaluators, mediators, minors counsel and attorneys ... invariably at great expense. Yet few of these families have any resources left after paying for medical care, hospitals, doctors and medications for their children. Compounding the issues is the fact that these parents must often return to court seeking correction to and clarification to the court orders, or to deal with new issues using up what remaining resources they have, physical, financial and emotional, resources that are so desperately needed for the care of the children.

All of that is about to change due to the work of one company, Custody Calculations. Chief Executive Officer, Catherine MacWillie, said that she was ignorant of the many issues facing parents of children with special needs at the onset of her research 10 years ago. A prior police officer for 24 years, Catherine MacWillie began researching the issue of divorce after identifying that perhaps as much as 25 percent of all crime in this country is related to family law, homicides, suicides, kidnaps, abductions, child abuse, domestic violence, violation of court orders and more.

Working with medical and psychiatric experts, Custody Calculations compiled the information that is so necessary to make informed decisions on the many issues facing parents of children with special needs in divorce cases. Then they organized this information into an easy-to-understand format with simple language so that all involved parties would understand what would be required and under what medical circumstances.

For children with special needs a template or standardization of court orders would allow the ability to obtain, evaluate and address all of the issues for a particular medical problem as a sort of check off sheet for the courts, the involved attorneys and the parents. In this manner, regardless of the background, knowledge or ability of the involved parties, evaluators, minors counsel and In Pro Pers, all of the issues can be addressed with a level of knowledge that is not currently available and all without the usual struggle of training, education and experience in a particular area. In this manner, all of the issues that are so important to the stability and recovery of families can be addressed both during and after the divorce process. And Custody Calculations did it in a way never tried previously; utilizing a fully automated Internet web site accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year without regard to geography or location to utilize seven unique and patented services.

Custody Calculations even factored in the ability to reduce some of the anxiety children feel over the unknown such as when they will go from the home of one parent to the other with custom designed calendars. Providing some level of stability so that children can plan activities, after school, weekends and time with friends, one house or the other etc. We even provided positive images of children with special needs playing sports, skiing, in our custom designed children's calendars.

Several well-known experts in their fields, including Dr. Jayne Major, Dr. Nicole Gilbert, Dr. Sid Brown and Dr. Michael Bone, have already endorsed Custody Calculations, including congressional candidate and attorney Michael Williamson and Beverly Hills attorney Rene Sperling. Other organizations and individuals that promote the rights of divorced mothers and divorced fathers are reviewing our services for consideration of endorsement of our services as well. Leaving little doubt that Custody Calculations is going to significantly change the manner and method by which divorce is currently handled to something infinitely more effective and less traumatizing to families and children.

With a projected launch date of January 31, 2007, and a police background, this CEO is not your average business executive and this is not your average company. To obtain additional information on the impact of family law or to sign up for services now go to their promotion web site Custody Calculations, P.O. Box 27740, Las Vegas, Nevada 89126. Telephone number 702-375-9389.


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