New Blog Accuses MySpace of World Domination and Calls for French Resistance

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New blog,, is the morning after pill in the wake of MySpace's launch in France, criticising Rupert Murdoch and News Corp for earning advertising revenue sold on the back of illegally uploaded music. In anticipation of Midem, the music industry conference held annually in France, Shelley Taylor, the author of the blog, has turned her wrath on illegal streaming of music on MySpace (and others like YouTube). She calls on the French to resist!

France, the indomitable little village, is the only one with the power to resist for once and all the invasion of MySpace!

In the leadup to Midem (the music conference held annually in the French resort town of Cannes) new blog,, makes a valiant effort to fight off the latest attempts of News Corp's strategy of world domination through MySpace.

In the first line of her blog post Shelley Taylor beseeches France to stand up against the onslaught: "France, the indomitable little village, is the only one with the power to resist for once and all the invasion of MySpace!" Continuing with the reference to Asterix, the hero in the famous French comic book series, she quotes from the standard introduction to the story:

"The year is 50 B.C. All of Gaul is occupied by the Romans. All? Not quite! A village inhabited by the indomitable Gauls is holding out, strong as ever, against the invaders. Life is not easy for the Roman legionaries stationed in the fortified camps of Aquarium, Delirium, Nohappimedium and Opprobrium..."

In Shelley's remix of the story she writes: "This is the year 2007 A.C. All of the planet is occupied by Rupert Murdoch… All? Not quite! There is still hope the country inhabited by the indomitable French may once again resist the invaders. Life may not be easy for the internet legionnaires stationed in the fortified camps of MySpacium, YouTubium and Napsterium…"

In the wake of the launch of MySpace in France on the 11th of January, there are few signs of resistance. But, a little company founded by an American is rushing to the aid of "la Gaul." All Dig Down, the blog, was launched just under two weeks ago with what might appear to be the sole purpose of attacking MySpace. Shelley Taylor, a sometimes inhabitant of France, wants to be the Obelix1 to France's Asterix.

"I have no fundamental problem with MySpace. In fact, I have tremendous respect for the founders. What scares me most is that MySpace continues to be heralded as one of the greatest wonders of the century (and is being emulated by countless others) while earning money (some estimate $200 million a year) from advertising sold on the back of tracks streamed illegally on millions of users' pages every day." A quote from Shelley's blog post on 31st December.

"I have too much respect for France and the values they are known for in the world. And I am worried that the efforts of MySpace in France have the power to blind people during a critical moment for the people of Gaul. In resisting MySpace, the French can become leaders in the battle to protect the rights of artists. I am afraid that if MySpace is not challenged for their views on copyrights that creativity may be asphyxiated."

The founder of All Dig Down, Shelley has taken a break from her research, publishing and consulting (Shelley Taylor & Associates) firm where she is best known for criticising any site or user interface bold enough to number in the top 1,000 in the world. In her previous rendering she was responsible for identifying the scary, and so far incurable, consumer diseases: Post-Transaction Anxiety Disorder and Shopping Cart Abandonment Syndrome (often blamed for the deaths of many ecommerce sites), Mad Couch Disease (linked to horrible interactive television experiences) and more recently, Digital Deficit Disorder (caused by poorly designed digital entertainment sites). Her 2005 attack on the digital entertainment industry created a frenzy at Midem and in music and entertainment industry press, where she accused digital entertainment providers such as iTunes, Sony, Yahoo of creating user experiences worse than their ecommerce cousin Amazon 10 years earlier.

All Dig Down is a blog whose contributors have experience in the internet, music, and entertainment industries. Our vision for the future of digital entertainment is one that benefits artists and consumers, supported by a viable business model for everyone.

Interviews with Shelley Taylor can be scheduled by calling her UK mobile (+ 44 7904 383 252) or the office of All Dig Down, +44 207 524 7988). The blog can be found at


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