Float Gallery Presents Allen Dewey, Photographic Equivalents: An Exhibition Of Original Digital Artworks Based On Photographic Elements In Nature

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Allen Dewey, artist, presents a collection of works originating from his original paintings and photography, transformed by the addition of post processing treatments starting with Fibonacci series and Dendritic patterns from Nature. The exhibition is in line with the deep changes that digital manipulation has brought to photography. From the dark room to the computer, Allen Dewey masters not only the art of photography but also the subtleties of complex mathematics. Opening January 20th , 2007 through February 4th. Open Tuesday to Sunday, 2pm -7pm, closed on Monday.

The exhibition is composed of a central piece that is a sculpture representing a female body wrapped in Allen's Fibonacci series of works composed at the origin from original photographs and then processed by using mathematical equations. The sculpture itself encompasses the notions of spaces and dimensions and supports precisely the intricate shapes that are defined by the Fibonacci series.

A precise work of adjustment allows the whole pieces to resolve completely.

Along the walls a series of works are presented for the first time to the public.

The first series is "Fibonacci Sketch". A Fibonacci equation is the mathematical description of the physical arrangement of seeds on a sunflower. This same shape occurs in numerous instances in nature including pinecones, branch placement on many bushes & trees, & the chambered nautilus shell.

The second series is "Dendritic Storm". These works are digital manipulations of original photos of plants, trees or a tiny cactus photographed in 4 x 5 using an enlarger lens installed backwards to enlarge the image & to limit the depth of field.

The third series is "Chaos Sketch". These are Original Paintings created in Photoshop & each image is layered upon the previous & maintains a relation among the final images.

As a whole the exhibition is exploring the roots of artistic expression through the latest digital techniques.

It is a walk in a garden that is familiar and at the same time intriguing by its dual components of 'déjà vu' but again 'never before seen'.

Digital manipulation allows artists to create using elements that were not perceptible before and to help to enable the viewer to 'see' and 'hear' colors and sounds that are beyond our natural levels of perception. Such possibility provides the artist with a wide range of explorations from which spring unexpected marvels or monstrosities.

Allen Dewey, Photographic Equivalents show begins January 20th with an Opening party on Sunday the 21st of January 2007 from 2pm till 7pm. The show runs through February 4th

About Float gallery.

The Float gallery project started in June 2006 with the intent of opening a space for digital artists from all disciplines.

Float gallery is equipped with the necessary resources to support digital artists from all horizons, from digital painting to 3D modeling and stereo lithography rendering.

As digital technologies have penetrated every day life, artists have engaged in using these technologies to express themselves. Artists are opening new spaces in the visual and sound dimensions. Further, artists are expanding our natural perceptions by allowing us to 'see' and 'hear' wavelengths and frequencies that are beyond our natural senses.

The Float gallery project is open to digital artists that are pushing the envelope of perception as well as conception. We welcome all submissions in any style for as long as the workflow is digital and the end production is a digital file that will be transposed on a wide variety of medium. It is also a place where people not familiar with digital technologies can engage in meeting and questioning artist about their work in the context of 'Art'.

Welcome to the Float gallery project.

Contact: http://www.ybdigitals.com


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