Where Are All The Truly Great Speakers?

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Announcing the release of a new public speaking E book that cuts through all the hype and gets you speaking in public, fast. It's simple, effective and guaranteed to make a huge difference for the beginner.

Where Are All The Great Speakers?

When we listen to the politicians, the Captains of Industry, the leaders in our community, we experience very poor standards.

And yet there is more information about speaking in public than the there has ever been. Internet, expensive courses and complex books.

None seem to make a difference.

So a new approach is necessary and a new E Book on public speaking has been released today in Melbourne, Australia.

No this is not just "another E Book" on how to speak in public. This book is simple, effective and cuts through all the myths surrounding the area of presenting from the heart.

When asked why he wrote the book, Roger replied,

"I decided to write my book on public speaking, based upon my own experiences and the lack of books that spoke to me directly.

"All the books on public speaking, presentation skills and giving speeches, seemed to be very complicated or impossible (for me anyway) to apply.

"For example, when you buy a DVD player, and open the instruction book, unless you are under 12 years old, you cannot understand anything.

"And all you really want to know at the beginning, is how to turn it on and play a DVD.

"Similarly, many books tell you to speak 'enthusiastically' or 'speak with confidence.'

"Yet they don't tell you how, to get that confidence or enthusiasm when all you are concerned about is how to get the words out of you mouth and not faint!

"So I wrote, 'From Fear to Fame' with myself in mind.

"Someone who is unsure, confused, frightened and looking for a way forward with small steps.

"Looking for progress, not perfection.

"And that's what the book does."

So this announcement is made to help all those people who struggle in fear, and earnestly desire to increase their fame.

Roger Bourne has been involved in public speaking, personal development and coaching for more than 25 years.

His business career includes roles such as CEO and managing director of medium to large size companies, in many different industries and countries.

As published author of "From Fear to Fame in Public Speaking," he knows how to makes it clear and simple for people getting started in public speaking.

Visit:     http://www.feartofame.com


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