'Secrets from the Underground' Releases Video Files

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A team of Journalists, Documentarians and UFO Investigators working with insiders within the UFO community, have released to the public from their private research files, video taped material that discloses shocking secrets from the UFO underground.

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The staff of Alien Secrets Investigations (ASI) considers it of planetary importance that the general public have access to the full, raw, un-censored and un-edited controversial testimonials collected during the development of the documentary on Alien/Human Hybrids and the making of the award winning film "Alien Secrets", scheduled to be released in 2007.

Concerns all over the country came from viewers of pre-released limited edition DVD's that were made available to the media and the UFO underground. The filmmakers have received hundreds of emails and blog communications requesting verification on the claims that the human race was genetically manipulated to create a hybrid race.

"Alien Secrets" the movie, used an un-orthodox method of interweaving a narrative sci-fi storyline with an investigative documentary which includes actual footage of UFOS, renowned experts, scientists, and an interview with a woman who believes she could be an Alien/Human Hybrid. The film is loosely based on the journals of a real life UFO investigator who was researching women who have been abducted, impregnated, and then presented with their half human, half alien Hybrid children.

The subject of UFO', ET's and Abductions has been widely covered in prime time entertainment. T.V. shows such as, Steven Spielberg's, "Taken" and Chris Carter's series, "The XFiles", heavily dealt with the subjects of alien abduction and alien/human/hybrids. These and many other sci-fi movies, have kept the general public believing this strange phenomena is "all" fantasy. Very few people actually get to see the scientific research, professionally done by established members of the scientific community which was the inspiration for these television and film productions.

In response to this, the producers and consulting investigators who worked on the project decided that it was time for the public to see the original video research material first hand, just as it was shot, with nothing redacted or held back. To this end the web base company AlienSecrets.com has released a collection of these video files entitled "Secrets from the Underground". These include: testimonials from eyewitnesses, psychotherapists, scientists, military personnel, abductees, mothers of Alien/Human/Hybrids, and experts who have provided over 30 years of research dealing with this hidden phenomenon.

In an interviews at the Los Angeles Convention Center, Budd Hopkins, Hypnotherapist/ Psychotherapist, author of "Intruders" and " Missing Time" commented that, "Many years later we discovered that they were actually experimenting with the sperm and ovum and then we knew what their agenda was." Unveiling many of the well kept secrets on genetic hybridization.

The series "Secrets from the Underground", promises to inspire people to discover more about themselves and the origins of mankind. Reference: http://www.aliensecrets.com.


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