Cancer Survivor Releases 'Soul Gifts,' a Book to Help Heal the World

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“SoulGifts: The World’s Self-Help Book” grew out of the author’s own healing journey. She offers the reader complementary and alternative healing concepts.

but here is why I think she did: each of us lives on a mortal knife edge, and collectively we inhabit a world that is in terrible trouble. Healing the world requires healthy people and a healthy person is one who is not separate from the world she is part of.

“Soul Gifts: The World’s Self-Help Book,” and its companion “Soul Rubbing™ Exercises: A Personal Vision Quest,” has been globally released by Canadian author Barbara J. Gill, RN through of North Carolina,

The author's official website states, “If you were to name your soul, what name would you choose for that part of yourself? What name, for a place within you, where there is only truth? No self-deception. What name reflects your innate wisdom and kindness, your instinctive love for mind and body and your personal place of peace? Barbara J. Gill named her soul Shandarrah.”

“Soul Gifts” grew out of the author’s own healing journey and includes points of view from over 75 contributors - men, women and children - on such subjects as sexuality, intimacy, religion, poverty, evil and war. Gill offers the reader complementary and alternative healing concepts and explains the importance of nature and symbolism. Literary reviewer Katherine L. Gordon states, “Barbara J Gill has used these [her] gifts to bring us a message of hope for healing, encompassing a healing of the environment, for fractured human relationships that lead to disparity and conflict. The book is a fresh vision for recognizing the roots of human illness and despair.”

When diagnosed with a foot-long cancerous tumor of the leg in 2001, Gill reached out to New York dream healer Robert Moss. He said, “If you have not already met the Bear as a medicine helper, this is definitely the right time.” She shares her journey with ‘My Little Tumour,’ ‘Rumba Bear’ and ‘Big Bear’.

Intended as a message to help heal the world, “Soul Gifts” explores synchronicities, the power of the mind and the concept of God. It touches on astrology and numerology and challenges the reader to uncover and interpret the mysterious and unintended presence of the number eight, and its multiple sixty-four (eight times eight), in the book. “Soul Gifts” is about a paradigm shift: individual and global peace. Vancouver-based poet Paul Belserene writes in the Foreword, “I don’t know why Barbara calls this book “Soul Gifts” but here is why I think she did: each of us lives on a mortal knife edge, and collectively we inhabit a world that is in terrible trouble. Healing the world requires healthy people and a healthy person is one who is not separate from the world she is part of.”

Gill reflects on her mother’s lessons of action combined with prayer and states, “Figuratively speaking, it is time mankind lowered itself to its knees. It is time to reflect on the way we give. What we give. From business boardrooms to the highest political offices, men rule the world. They cannot change quickly. But women are free to tackle the job ahead with gutsy determination, love and humour. Women have the competence and the ability to make change. Soul-attuned men will support those women who are willing to make a difference.”

Traditionalist and ceremonialist, Carol Desjarlais, named Eagle Woman by the Cree and Blackfeet, has agreed to be the Official Spokesperson for the Theme of the Book. Desjarlais and Gill have circulated 500 books and over 2,000 introductory compact discs to individual healers, spiritual seekers, wellness clinics and cancer units throughout North America.

Lys Anzia, reporting news in the field of gender advocacy through Women News Network for WUNRN (Women’s UN Report Network) and contributing reviews editor for Moondance magazine, the 1999 UNESCO award-winning magazine for women, said, “'Soul Gifts' is actually a 320-page better version of 'My Dinner with Andre,' the most talked about art film of 1981. 'Soul Gifts' was created as a conversation with the world. Gill shares the deepest parts of her life with sculptors, MDs, Spitfire pilots, scientists, drummers, Reike masters, artists, scientists, carpenters, Feng Shui consultants, famous surfers, poets, nurses, elected officials, postal workers, musicians, entrepreneurs, tarot readers and Fulbright Scholars. Through these conversations Gill brings us every bit of humanity.”

The book is dedicated to the late Doctor Duncan Hadley and to the world’s children. Profits will be distributed to the approximately 75 contributors and eight percent will go to Doctors Without Borders/Médicins Sans Frontièrs (MSF). Contributors are located coast-to-coast in Canada and the USA as well as one from Bangladesh.

“Soul Gifts: The World’s Self-Help Book” (ISBN 978-1-4116-9042-4) and “Soul-Rubbing™ Exercises: A Personal Vision Quest” (ISBN 978-1-4116-9045-5) are available at all major online bookstores and can be downloaded via the Internet at Traditional book stores can order the book through Ingrams.

The project has been entered in the 2007 Nautilus Awards which are held in conjunction with BookExpo America in New York, NY.

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About the Spokesperson:

Carol Desjarlais is a retired teacher and prolific poet who has had extensive experience working with troubled youth in Canada’s far north. A survivor of serious illness, Carol is a gifted speaker, imparting her traditional and ceremonial teachings in one-on-one or group environments. Carol was named Eagle Woman by the Blackfeet and Cree. She is a resident of Canada and a regular visitor to the United States of America.

About the Author:

Barbara J. Gill is an artist, author and poet. Involved for years in political, labour and business dealings, she is a registered nurse by profession. Barbara is a survivor of liposarcoma - a cancer that is associated with Agent Orange. She recently donated the papers and memorabilia of Canadian War Hero Harry L. Gill, DFM to the Gregg Centre for the Study of War and Society, University of New Brunswick, Canada. Barbara drew on her uncle’s war letters home for "Soul Gifts: The World’s Self-Help Book."


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