Cashmere the Luxury Fabric Leader for Lightweight Comfort at Elegant Linens of Park City

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Elegant Linens of Park City announces the expansion of their inventory of fine cashmere blankets and throws to include an exciting new collection from Rani Arabella.

Elegant Linens of Park City announces the expansion of their inventory of fine cashmere blankets and throws to include an exciting new collection from Rani Arabella.

Distinctive colors and innovative designs are the reason for increasing consumer interest in luxury cashmere furnishings for the home, according to Ann Jurgens, owner/manager of Elegant Linens of Park City. With increased production and modern processing techniques making this luxury fabric more accessible than ever, cashmere is fast becoming the preferred fabric for warm, yet lightweight blankets and throws. Elegant Linens of Park City offers an exclusive inventory of the finest cashmere blankets and throws manufactured by top European weavers.

Why is cashmere the most luxurious fabric in the world? Here's the answer: qualities of incredible softness and lightweight warmth that are above and beyond any other fiber processed by man. Ever since Victorian England "discovered" the loft, warmth and feel of fabric made from cashmere, it has been in demand by those who appreciate ultimate comfort. And demand has remained steady throughout the decades because of the wonderful feel or handle of the fiber combined with low bulk and high loft. This incomparable softness translates to the most comfortable bedding and clothing money can buy.

Let's start by finding out where the "king of fibers" originates. Cashmere is processed from the downy undercoat of hair that is produced by goats as a protection against cold temperatures, and the finest cashmere is manufactured from the down that comes from the mountain goat that resides in the desert plateaus of Mongolia. Severe weather conditions in the mountains create an environment that causes the goats to develop a finer, thicker undercoat than that developed by goats living in more temperate climates. The Mongolia Province of China is home to the world's finest cashmere, having an unrivalled softness and ease of handling. The high quality fabric processed from this undercoat depends on the weaver's ability to choose the finest wool. After shearing, only the best wool suitable for weaving is selected by top European craftsmen and finished using state-of-the-art machine tools - the result of several centuries of fine-tuned manufacturing processes.

In order for goat fiber to be considered cashmere, it must be at least 3.175 centimeters long and under 19 microns in diameter. It must be light, lusterless and downy with a fine crimp. Because the fiber is so fine, one goat produces only 1/4 to 1/2 of a pound of fiber per year. This fiber is hidden within a protective layer of guard hair, which must be separated out before processing can begin, referred to as "dehairing". After the dehairing process is completed, the yarn goes through the finishing processes which consist of dyeing, spinning, knitting and washing, finally resulting in the soft, touchable fabric prized by the world. It is the crimp of quality cashmere fiber that allows the fiber to interlock during processing. This allows it to be spun into a very fine, usually two-ply yarn, which remains lightweight yet retains the loft (tiny air spaces trapped between the individual fibers) that characterizes quality cashmere. This loft retains heat and is what makes cashmere different from wool, mohair and especially, man-made fibers.

Warmth without weight and incredible softness suited for a baby's skin is what cashmere is all about. Elegant Linens of Park City offers the finest Mongolian cashmere blankets and throws created by Europe's foremost designers and manufacturers of luxury fabrics. See an amazing collection of fine cashmere online at Contact design associates at Elegant Linens of Park City at 1-800-735-5541 for help in coordinating an ensemble of fine European linens and cashmere blankets that will make your home a welcome retreat of style, comfort and elegance.


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