New Video Tutorial Series Launches that Reveals How an Internet Marketer Can Become Successful Online through a New Proven Money Making Trend in Internet Marketing

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Internet Marketing today has become more popular than ever as any Internet marketer with a computer and an Internet connection can make money online. A common problem for most Internet marketers are the overwhelming amount of advice they receive when starting a career in Internet marketing. 5 year Internet Marketing professional, Brad Johnson intends on changing this dilemma for many Internet marketers as he has developed a revolutionary video tutorial series which shows how a money making website is created right before an Internet Marketer's eyes, and how they can duplicate his success easily within less than 30 days.

Brad Johnson, Internet Marketing Professional, reveals everything on how he was able to create a video tutorial series called "Promotion Genesis" which outlines specifically how anyone can easily generate a money making website using his carefully researched cutting edge Internet Marketing Strategies. Brad mentions that through just a few of these strategies, internet marketers can enable their site to become increased with targeted website traffic faster than performing any form of link exchanging or directory submission, improve their SEO on their site to get it indexed on Google faster than any other technique out there, learn how to put their website on auto-pilot to improve PR, plus much more.

"I've made a lot of money with these strategies that I've used," Brad said. "And I want to share my success with others who are tired of figuring out where they have to turn to make money online. I've worked on this video tutorial series to show the reality of how money can be made through the Internet. There's no hype, there's no outrageous gimmicks involved. Just straight facts through step-by-step videos that prove the tactics I use are real and they can work for anyone."

If anyone understands how the new trend of Internet Marketing works, it's Brad, who has literally studied every aspect of old fashioned techniques. With more than 5 years experience in Internet Marketing, SEO, article writing and web design, Brad has stumbled upon several Internet Marketing techniques that has revolutionized his residual income overall. This has enabled him to begin living off what he earns online.

"I spent five years of my life using old fashioned Internet Marketing techniques," Brad stated. "And even though they do work to some extent, it takes quite some time before you see much results. With Promotion Genesis, the tactics I use now works faster than anything else out there. Your traffic is going to boom in the short term, your PR will start to go up in just under 2 weeks, you're going to learn how to set your website on auto-pilot and watch it attain residual income quickly, You're going to see real results happening fast as the proof is right in front of you through my Promotion Genesis videos."

Brad Johnson continued: "I'm doing this because I know there are a lot of struggling Internet Marketers out there who love what they do, but who are tired of waiting for results to happen through the long term. And many of us spend all our money on products that just sell hype. It's happened to me in the past, and I'm selling a product that will deliver on its promises. Promotion Genesis is the answer for the struggling entrepreneur because it's real, it's live and it's uncut. I've been there personally… and I know how painful it is when you get zero results after all the hard work. With Promotion Genesis, the blueprints are right in front of you, and it's ok to steal what I'm teaching, because I want Internet Marketers to be able to create their online ventures through Promotion Genesis' strategies that will make them money faster than any other method out there in video form." Which Brad added.

The Promotion Genesis Video Tutorial Series includes: How to put together a money making website from scratch; how to search for the right keywords for a niche; how to develop a squeeze page; how to create leads; how to generate a large flow of targeted web traffic within 24 hours for free; how to get indexed by top search engines within a day; how to double or even triple your AdSense earnings; how to implement and earn revenue from affiliate products; setting up a blog that generates large amounts of traffic and PR, writing killer emails that sell and much more.

"Promotion Genesis leaves no stone unturned." said Brad. "I'm addressing the issues that many Internet Marketers have, and I'm resolving them through these videos. There's going to be no more run-arounds, no misguided techniques and no false information. I'm successful today from these new revolutionary Internet Marketing methods, and through Promotion Genesis, I'm proving that these techniques work right before your eyes. I want to make sure that anyone who watches Promotion Genesis becomes successful using my tactics in no less than 30 days." Brad added.

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