Edward Norton, John Grisham Support Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust

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With help from Edward Norton, John Grisham, and grants, the Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust in Kenya is supporting 14 primary schools and providing running water and electricity to the local dispensary, and planning to employ a doctor. The Trust is now employing 30 game scouts to assist the the Maasai landlords in creating conservancies in the Group Ranch.

The Maasai Foundation of East Africa fundraisers feature a lion as guest of honor.

The lion's name is Jabari, meaning brave in Kiswahili. Jabari was born in a zoo where his mother abandoned him, and Rick Kelly rescued him.

It was certainly a big surprise for our 200 member audience to see Jabari entering the Cabrillo Art Centre in Santa Barbara. We wanted to make a point: lions are beautiful and powerful animals. They are on the edge of extinction and we need to do our best to save them. Jabari helped deliver that message.

Two other guests of honor:

Edward Norton, who has generously supported with Cartier our Simba Project, kindly introduced Luca and Samson in the New York fundraising: thank you Edward.

John and Renee Grisham participated too and made an extremely generous donation: thank you John, thank you Renee.

Samson wanted to thank both Edward and John personally, and presented them with a "stick" of command, "orinka" in Maa. It is the stick that chiefs use in all their meetings.

We would like to thank all who participated in the two dundraising events. The Maasai Foundation of East Africa exceeded its goal of raising $100,000. Amazing, to say the least, and we must give a special thank to Jeff and Debra Miller, John and Renee Grisham, Ken Coe, and Phil Osborne for their incredibly generous donations.

Things done and things to do

This year the Trust has accomplished a lot, with grants from The MFEA, conservation fees from Campi ya Kanzi and other donations.

  •      Schools: Through donations and through the conservation fees paid by Campi ya Kanzi guests,

     we are now supporting all the 14 primary schools which are in the Group Ranch.

     We have six secondary level scholarships running and another four to be offered to the best

     two boys and two girls of the 2006 academic year.

     We are employing 20 teachers, 2 cleaners, and 1 cook.

     Projects: We would like to increase the number of teachers employed, to guarantee a good

     level of education to all kids. One teacher costs $2,600 per year: quite a big donation

     for a single donor, but think what this will accomplish: at least 30 kids will receive

     proper schooling.

     We would like to build a private school, where to provide better education through the

     teachers currently employed. This project is likely to be donated by a generous agent of

     Campi ya Kanzi: it will cost about $98,000.

     Please keep supporting us with the secondary level scholarships: they are the most meaningful.

     Only 3% of the Maasai of our Reserve can afford to get to high school. It costs $750 per year,

     for four years, to send a pupil to high school.

     Finally we would like to be able to offer one university scholarship a year. Depending on

     the discipline studied, the cost would be between $7,000 to $25,000 for four years of

     university just for tuition, not including housing and extra fees.

  •      Health: We are about to complete the project of providing running water and electricity to

     the local dispensary. The well was dug successfully and good water found. See the installation

     of the pump here below.

     Thanks to the funds just raised we will be able to build the electricity room and to install

     the solar panels, inverters and batteries. We believe this is the most meaningful project the

     Trust is accomplishing in its 6 years existence. Proper health will help save the lives of

     many children. Thank you all who have participated and supported this project.

     We are going to employ a doctor at the dispensary: we are seeking sponsorship of his salary.

     It costs $800 a month.

     We would like to be able to accommodate the many volunteers who have offered us their help:

     doctors, nurses, dentists, teachers, students. It would cost $60,000 to build a house capable

     of hosting 8 people.

  •      Conservation: probably the sector that needs our most attention.

     Kenya has triplicated its human population in 40 years. Wildlife population is believed to have

     been decimated in the last 50 years of the 20th century. The numbers speak for themselves.

     Regardless of our successful efforts during our 10 years presence in the Chyulu Hills we need

     to do more. This land needs to be protected.

     We have been asked by the Maasai landlords to assist them in creating conservancies in the Group

     Ranch. This is the biggest reward for Luca: the desire to preserve wilderness, wildlife and

     culture is now rooted deeply in the community.

     Please support us to achieve this crucial goal.

     The Trust is now employing 30 game scouts. It costs $1,440 a year to employ a game scout.

Rains and Wildlife

This year we have been blessed by an amazing rainy season. The Chyulu Hills are wonderfully green; trees and grass are lush and healthy. Elephants have been coming closer and closer to the camp.

The other day we enjoyed an unforgettable game drive: we saw a leopard below Okoikuma, the lookout hill where we enjoy a fabulous view of Kilimanjaro. One minute later we saw a lioness and just before reaching camp another lioness with cubs.

The Maasai Foundation of East Africa (http://www.maasaifoundation.org) is a US 501 c (3) nonprofit corporation that has supported the Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust with grants for wildlife conservation, medical and educational projects. Your donation will be directed to the sector, project or program you choose.

Checks may be mailed to:

The Maasai Foundation of East Africa

P.O. Box 1413

Santa Barbara, CA 93102


Credit cards:

Go to http://www.maasaifoundation.org

Wire transfers may be sent to:

The Maasai Foundation of East Africa

Santa Barbara Bank & Trust

20 E Carrillo Street

Santa Barbara, CA 93101

Account number 01 07 45 90

Routing number 12 22 20 593

Donations may be made in Kenya to the Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust:

Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust

Commercial Bank of Africa, Nairobi, Kenya;

Account number: 24 074 005


Corresponding bank for $ Transfers:

American Express Bank

New York Agency

Swift Code: AEIBUS33

Campi ya Kanzi

PO Box 236 Mtito Andei, 90128 KENYA

Tel/Fax +254 45 622516

Sat phone +88 2165 1103557

web site: http://www.maasai.com


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