Iranian Director, Sohrab Mirmontazeri, Selected For 'The Camel Wars' -- 2008

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A 7th Century War -- Today, Shiite vs. Sunni -- New from XOOM Entertainment, to be Directed by Sohrab Mirmonazeri

Xoom Entertainment has selected Iranian Director, Sohrab Mirmontazeri to direct the feature film, 'The Camel Wars', which is set for release in May 2008.

Mirmontazeri, known for his award-winning work on 'The Beautiful Wind' (2005 Mirmont Pictures), has been signed on to Direct the Xoom Entertainment feature film production, 'The Camel Wars', which is scheduled for a pre-Memorial Day release in 2008. With a newfound following, Mirmontazeri's directorial style has reached epic levels of international acceptance, culminating in his being duly recognized by the New York International Film Festival in 2005. Originally from Iran, and showing talent representative of his great directorial lineage (nephew of internationally acclaimed Iranian Director, Abbas Kiarostami), Mirmontazeri has become a staple within the international independent production communities.

Among the series of preproduction announcements, Jeffrey L. Kimball has been selected as the Director of Photography/Cinematographer for the entire production. Kimball is best known for his work with films such as Glory Road (2006), Star Trek-Nemesis (2002), Mission Impossible II (2000), Stigmata (1999) , and Top Gun (1986), and will be instrumental in creating the unique looks that portray events from the 7th and 21st century. David Hakim II, best known for his work on Bedazzled (2000) and 40 Days and 40 Nights (2002), has also joined 'The Camel Wars' team as a Producer.

The civil war between Shiite and Sunni in Iraq, is to be unveiled on the silver screen, as a conflict that began in the 7th century. As a portrayal of an Iraqi-American soldier's tortuous journey in Iraq, myths about the Shiite-Sunni civil war explodes and lays bare the complexities of the American presence in Iraq and loyalty during war. New from XOOM Entertainment, feature film, 'The Camel Wars', has entered its pre-production phase and is slated for production completion in November 2007.

The Camel Wars -- Centuries ago, a war was fought that left tens of thousands dead in the desert sands of Basra (Iraq). The divisions that war set in motion then exist even now, and are claiming thousands of lives as the civil war in Iraq rages on. How are we to understand the complexities of what people are going through, whether they are civilian or military, American or Iraqi, Shiite or Sunni? Can we look through the eyes of one man and get a glimpse of the truth on the ground in Iraq? Is it possible to get an idea of where the hatred is coming from or where it is leading to?

This is a story of Sameer "Sam" Azeez, an Iraqi Sunni American soldier, who is sent to Iraq in 2004. He is naively patriotic, and determined to both serve his country and prevent any further American atrocities from occurring. Sam's experiences in Iraq give him a unique perspective of the ground truth as he struggles with the racist hatred of one of his own soldiers and the mistrust of a Shiite family he has befriended, until one day the two collide. Just as he has so often had to choose between his conscience and his religion, now he has to choose between his conscience and his country.

Maybe Sam's story will help us understand what is really at stake. Maybe.

Production Information:

Production Company: XOOM Entertainment

Title: The Camel Wars

Director: Sohrab Mirmontazeri

Status: Pre-Production

Production Specs: HD and 35mm

Locations: Morocco, Canada, United States

Category: Drama

Production Date: Summer-Fall 2007

Language: English

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