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Singletons consider their mobile phone their most valuable dating weapon - arranging dates and getting to know prospective partners through text messaging.

Mobile phones have changed the dating world forever - but for better or worse? A new report by mobile phone retailer, Dial-a-Phone reveals:

  •     30% of men and a staggering 42.5% of women would consider answering their phone during sex
  •     24% of women would rather give up sex than their mobile phone for a month
  •     4 in 5 people have used their picture phones to take intimate pictures of their partners!
  •     Brits send on average of 12 texts before they go on a first date!
  •     4 in 5 people answer their mobile phones during a first date
  •     11% of under 34s have been dumped by text message

21st Century dating has entered the mobile fast lane and nowhere more so than in the bedroom.

When given the choice of being celibate for a month rather than giving up their mobile phone, almost a quarter of women said they would - compared to zero men.

Dial-a-Phone relationship expert Flic Everett comments: "For women, a month without sex would certainly be a punishment - but for some this outweighs the nightmare inconvenience of never having a mobile phone. However, if this was a decision for life - I'd predict that women would choose sex every time."

However, according to the online survey, both men and women are more than happy to bring the mobile into the bedroom - with 30% of men and 42.5% of women claiming they'd answer the phone during sex!

Flic comments: "There's a time and a place for mobile phones! Turning them off occasionally or even switching them to silent will make your loved-one feel as though they have your attention. Never ever answer your phone during sex. People will leave a message or call back later if it's urgent."

Many are using their mobile to take saucy snaps much too rude to get developed at the chemist. 4 in 5 have taken a personal pic of their partner on their mobile.

Flic comments: "Relationships can go stale if we stop making an effort, sex can become routine and predictable, but sending a flirty text or better still a sexy picture message in the middle of the day will surprise and delight your partner, they will begin to anticipate a night of passion ahead, it's a great way to keep a flagging sex life alive."

Singletons consider their mobile phone their most valuable dating weapon - arranging dates and getting to know prospective partners through text messaging (sending on average 12 before they meet up) to relaying the success of the date during the event to their mates (4 out of 5 contact a mate during a date).

Dial-a-Phone relationship expert Flic Everett comments: "Often we meet someone when we're out, we swap numbers and then the next day you can't remember what they look like! In the past we would sit by the phone waiting for them to call, but now, thanks to mobile phones we can text them and register their interest before making a fool of ourselves and calling.

"Best of all we can sound out a potential love match over a series of texts to decide whether we want to set up a date. This new way of building relationships means that we are effectively phasing out first dates, by the time we meet up we are psychologically in second date territory, with small talk out of the way."

There can be no question that mobile phones have blown open the world of relationships, but with such success often come spectacular drawbacks. 11% of people under the age of 34 admit to having been dumped by text message.

Flic comments: "Ending a relationship with a cold-hearted text is rude - it's the modern day equivalent of being finished by post-it note. However, some people may prefer to receive the news this way rather than being humiliated in person - I think before you press 'send' you need to consider how long you've been in the relationship and do you owe it to them to give a proper explanation."

Dial-a-Phone has supplied mobile phones on monthly contract to 2.9 million customers, and since it launched in 2000 over 550,000 customers have connected from the website. Further information can be found at the Dialaphone Blog

Flic Everett: - Author, Journalist and broadcaster, currently writing for The Mirror, The Guardian and Company magazine.


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