Jewelry Selling Insights Teaches the 'Psychology of Selling' to Handcrafted Jewelry Makers

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Dr. David Weiman is a jewelry marketing expert and licensed psychologist who combines these two fields in a new monthly e-magazine for handcrafted jewelry makers.

Why does someone decide to buy an amethyst bracelet before learning the price? And why does someone else believe that $3.75 is too much for a cup of coffee, but $375 isn't too much for a necklace she really wants?

According to Dr. David Weiman, a licensed psychologist and expert on the psychology of selling artisan, handcrafted jewelry, the reason is because jewelry appeals to buyers in a different way than the necessities of life. And his online publication "Jewelry Selling Insights" reveals how to tap into the real motivators behind the purchase of one-of-a-kind jewelry.

"It's the opposite of the 'Wal-Mart effect,'" Weiman explains. "People shop at Wal-Mart to buy things they need at the best price available. But jewelry isn't a necessity. In fact, many buyers of artisan jewelry are shopping for something unique. Something no one else can own because it's one of a kind. And they're willing to pay a premium for that rarity."

Dr. Weiman has been involved in the jewelry field since 1986, when he became the marketing director of Lapidary Journal, the oldest gem and jewelry arts magazine in the world. Since then, he's earned two master's degrees and a doctorate in psychology, and he is a licensed psychologist in Pennsylvania. He combines psychology and jewelry selling in powerful ways that help jewelry makers more effectively market and sell their handcrafted pieces through direct selling at shows, craft fairs, through galleries and jewelry stores, and on the Internet.

He's also the editor and publisher of a new electronic magazine entitled Jewelry Selling Insights. "We help people distinguish between who's 'just looking,' and who's a real prospect," Weiman explains. "How to start a 'buying' conversation with prospective buyers. How to pick the right shows for selling. The best ways to build your customer mailing list. How to use body language and tone of voice to connect most effectively with buyers, and more."

Weiman says he created Jewelry Selling Insights to be able to provide the most up-to-date information possible to jewelry makers around the world. "The field changes quickly, especially because of the unique opportunities presented by the Internet," Weiman says. "You can quite literally put a new line up on a website in minutes and start getting buyers' reactions. That's changing how people sell jewelry. But wasn't hasn't changed is why people buy it, and that's what they also learn in Jewelry Selling Insights."

Aside from getting inside the minds of jewelry buyers, Weiman also helps artisan jewelry makers understand their own strengths and weaknesses when it comes to business. "Creative people are wonderful at coming up with new designs, variations on old ones and in bringing those ideas to fruition through their jewelry," Weiman explains. "What's more difficult for artisans is the logical, left-brain kinds of things you need to do to succeed in business, such as writing a business plan, setting goals, and coming up with the action steps needed to complete those goals."

Weiman addresses those areas in monthly advice to jewelry sellers on the business side of making jewelry. "We talk about the kinds of thoughts that commonly hold jewelry makers back, such as fear of rejection, or sensitivity to criticism," says Weiman. "Then, we show them how to overcome those self-defeating thoughts and reach their goals."

One year (twelve issues) of Jewelry Selling Insights is $48, and it's available at A sample issue is also available at that website. The subscription comes with a free bonus - a downloadable eCourse by Dr. Weiman entitled "Overcoming the 3 Big Obstacles to Jewelry Sales Success."

Dr. David Weiman is the marketing director of Lapidary Journal, Colored Stone and Step by Step Beads magazines. He is the author of The Jewelry Selling Answer Book, and a licensed Pennsylvania psychologist. His office is in Wynnewood, PA, and he can be reached toll Free at 877-934-6268. E-mail


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