Attract the Beautiful Cardinal to Your Backyard

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A vibrant splash of crimson plumage is a welcome sight on a gray wintry day. It's easy to attract cardinals to your yard once you understand which foods and feeders they prefer--and you'll find everything you need at

The brilliant red male cardinal and his beautiful orange and buff-feathered mate are an uplifting sight on a blustery winter day. Even their call, an exuberant "cheer, cheer, cheer" brightens up a dreary day. Cardinals are so popular that has opened an entire specialty store featuring the foods and feeders cardinals love most.

It's easy to attract these handsome birds to your yard. The most important requirement for feeding cardinals is to provide them with roomy perching or standing room on the feeder itself. As one of our larger songbirds, they do not sit easily on a short perch at a tube feeder--the perfect solution is to add a seed tray to your tube feeder and give them the room they need to balance comfortably.

The most natural place for cardinals to feed is on the ground itself. You will see them particularly at dawn and dusk eating happily, usually as a pair. A platform feeder also provides the kind of wide room they need, and Duncraft's Pavilion Squirrel Blocker Platform Feeder is ideal. If you like a hopper feeder, which has a large seed capacity, be sure to find one with plenty of wide perching room--such as the Duncraft Advantage Feeder.

The cardinal's favorite food? Black oil sunflower seed. If you have a squirrel problem, you may want to try safflower seed--a white oil-rich seed that cardinals eat and that squirrels usually pass by. In addition to seed, Cardinals love fruit--oranges, grapes, berries. also offers Cardinal's Delight Mix--a unique blend of favorite seeds including sunflower hearts and bits, safflower, and black oil sunflower seed. Serve this special blend inside the Cardinal Classic Window Feeder and enjoy watching cardinals eat right at your window.

And remember to provide water, which is as important as food for all birds all year round. Cardinals will frequent a water supply--try Duncraft's Solar Sipper which uses the sun's warmth to keep water unfrozen. Duncraft also offers heated birdbaths, which cardinals and other backyard regulars will gather round.

For more ideas shop the Cardinal Specialty Store at -- click on By Bird.

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