Passport To Wealth Passes $100k Mark In Under 2 Weeks; Powered by's MLM / Powerlines Modular Multi-Program Network Creator

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Software combined with powerful MLM powerlines script, propels start up into the stratosphere.

They have a superb website, including designer flash lead capture, and their software product archive is second to none. Add to that $997 commissions to affiliates, using a 2-up structure, and you've got a winning combination, all around.

On January 22nd, Passport To Wealth's back office stats showed Total Paid by Payment Processors: $105,587.50.

Some programs would be happy with this volume over a year's time, but Darren Gaudry, CEO of, with the help of his mighty affiliates, has pulled off this staggering sum of sales in just 10 days.

Darren built Passport To Wealth to create a lucrative instant online money making business, both for himself, and his members. At $997 per sale, his members are already raking in big money, and the program is technically still in prelaunch. Passport To Wealth officially launches Feb. 1st.

So what's their secret?

"They've built the better mousetrap," says Jim Symonds, who sold Darren the back end MLM / Powerlines script that runs Passport To Wealth.

"They have a superb website, including designer flash lead capture, and their software product archive is second to none. Add to that $997 commissions to affiliates, using a 2-up structure, and you've got a winning combination, all around."

Jim is especially proud of Darren's success using Jim's script, as that, in and of itself, is a large part of the site's success.

Darren comments: "I have been operating various online businesses since about 1996, and I have worked with many programmers and script developers over the years, but never in my 11 years online have I worked with someone as efficient as Jim Symonds.

Jim has always been prepared to go the extra mile to make sure things run as smooth as possible for me, and let's not forget the extremely Powerful MLM Power line script he has not only developed, but continues to fine tune and update as he sees fit, adding additional functions and features that not only benefit the end user, but the administrator behind the program."

What's the script do?

Jim's MLM / Powerlines Modular Multi-Program Network Creator Script, powers Darren's business, almost completely on autopilot. His members can join for free to learn more.

Each member is presented with their own replicated web site, created for them, automatically, when they join.

A series of emails is automatically sent to unpaid members, up to 3 times in 30 days, reminding them to pay now, to get the true benefits of the program. If they remain unpaid after 30 days, they are automatically removed from the program.

Members who choose to upgrade, pay each other and the admin via the program's back end functions, accessed in each member's own private back office, which offers a full downline genealogy display, complete with members name, emails, and phone numbers, as well as the ability to email their entire downline at once.

Payment processors supported included Safepay, Egold, and Alertpay (although the script also supports Paypal and

Paid members can enjoy access to the myriad of ebooks and software the site provides, and just as importantly, enjoy $997 commissions, made both directly, and indirectly, through the use of their 2-up powerlines compensation plan.

The 2-up powerlines compensation plan passes up the first 2 sales of every member to the next qualified sponsor above them. From the third sale and beyond, all members are qualified, and thus keep their own sales, and start their own powerlines, meaning their referrals, and their referral's referrals, will all pass up their first 2 sales to them. It is an incredible pay plan, and very fair, since everyone has an equal chance of earnings.

All new members are sent welcome emails, and the admin is BBC'd on these, to track new sign ups, in real time.

The sponsor is also sent notifications of all new sign ups, as well as payments, so the sponsor will get one email, when they refer a new member, and another email, when that member becomes paid.

The sponsors who remain unpaid will ALSO get emails of new sign ups under them, and in the event they make sales, they will be notified via email, that they just completely passed up a sale, to the next qualified member above them. It further tells them not to miss any more sales, by logging in to become a paid member immediately.

The script secures all products in the members back office, and makes them available to paid members only.

This allows Darren to automate his entire Passport To Wealth business, allowing him to deal mainly with promoting and supporting the users.

Learn more about Darren's new money making success, and create your own Passport To Wealth here:

Learn more about the MLM / Powerlines Modular Multi-Program Network Creator here:

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