Four Stealthy Ways Parasites Intensify Stubborn Weight Gain

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Hindering nutrient absorption, decreasing organ efficiency, increasing acidity of body systems and creating a perfect environment for yeast development, parasites contribute to weight gain and obesity.

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Without all of these nutrients, our bodies are left with empty calories, which can trigger cravings for more food since we are not getting proper nutrition, often helping contribute to weight gain.

Recent studies reveal that an estimated 8 out of 10 Americans are affected by parasites, which can explain some of the weight control issues Americans face today. The parasites contribute to unwanted weight gain in four distinct ways; blocking optimal nutrient absorption, diminishing organ efficiency, increasing acidity levels within the body system, and depleting the natural gut flora by over producing yeasts and bacteria. In response to the continuous awareness of how parasites impacts the ability to lose weight, Énuvia, a leader in internal cleansing systems, announces the brand new launch of their parasite flushing system called Énuvia Flush. It is designed to aid the body in naturally removing parasites to restore proper system function.

"Feeling frustrated and helpless when it comes to weight loss no longer has to be the case, especially when relentless parasites are the cause of unwanted weight gain and low levels of energy," states Terry Oliver, Director of Research for Énuvia. "Getting rid of parasites allows the body systems and organs to function more efficiently because once your body is free of parasites you can absorb the nutrients your body needs to boost your metabolism and shed those unwanted pounds."

Parasites can be absorbed through the skin, through a transmitting agent such as a mosquito, by food (such as unwashed vegetables and improperly cooked pork, fish and red meat), water, pets, and even by air intake. Once parasites inhabit their new host, they can inflame the lining of the digestive tract, which hinders the absorption of vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates, fats and other nutrients. All of these nutrients are necessary to help keep hormones balanced, blood sugar regulated and for the metabolism be at optimal working capacity. Oliver adds, "Without all of these nutrients, our bodies are left with empty calories, which can trigger cravings for more food since we are not getting proper nutrition, often helping contribute to weight gain."

Decreased organ efficiency is another factor that contributes to weight gain. Parasites release toxins and wastes that increase the workload of the liver and kidneys. When these vital organs have to work harder to remove excess wastes the organs don't perform other tasks as efficiently and can become sluggish, leading to fatigue, lowered metabolism, and weight gain.

The release of toxins and acids by parasites also contributes to weight gain. Acids can damage organs, breakdown muscle tissue and cause the central nervous system to become sluggish. The body's natural defense against increased acids is to transport them into fat cells and even produce more fat cells to act as a buffer. When the body lowers metabolism to produce more fat cells it can make losing weight extremely difficult.

Finally, the overdevelopment of yeasts can also have an impact on whether or not an individual can lose weight. The natural bacteria of the gut flora help to fight the growth of yeasts. Parasites hinder the development of these beneficial bacteria creating an environment that allows yeast to reproduce. Yeasts can cause a number of symptoms including gas and bloating. The growth of these yeasts can also activate the immune system, triggering allergic reactions.

"Individuals, especially the weight-conscious, are becoming more aware of the harmful effects of their environment and the importance of embracing the cleansing process," says Oliver. "Cleansing is not a novel idea, excretory processes, including fasting and purging, have been employed for centuries as a traditional method for cleansing the body. However, today, there are newer, more effective methods that have been scientifically designed to promote a healthier digestive tract, eliminate infections, and help lose unwanted weight gain."

For more information regarding Énuvia, or the Énuvia Parasite Flush System, please visit or phone 800-933-3640.

About Énuvia-- As a leader in internal cleansing systems, Énuvia has three all-natural formulas that were scientifically designed to work together to cleanse plaques from the colon, eliminate infections such as parasites, and replenish good bacteria to help fight future infections. The Énuvia system is made in a FDA Certified Laboratory that has been in existence for over 20 years. For additional information about parasites, internal cleansing, or Énuvia, please visit or call 800-933-3640.


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