New CCT (Complete Combustion Technology) Additive for Production of Diesel and Bio-Diesel

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Now Possible for Bio-Diesel to Exceed Minimum Requirements and Achieve Superior Performance Levels with Low Treat Rates Make Complete Combustion Technology Ideal for Standard, High-Performance and Any Grade In-Between Diesel, or Bio-Diesel

Diesel and Bio-Diesel producers will now be able to gain flexibility in their formulation facilities, reduce inventory costs and efficiently streamline production using CCT® US EPA Registration Number 2011-20008, a new fuel additive from B&A Intl, Inc., which rounds out the existing family of fuel enhancing products, CCT® will enable the industrial diesel and bio-diesel producers as well the home producers to maximize and efficiently increase the production of all fuel grades, from standard to high-performance to anything in-between.

At extremely low and efficient doses, CCT® meets the EPA's Rule Regulations that sets the requirements for lowest additive concentration (LAC) for the minimum levels of cleanliness for bulk fuel as specified in the Clean Air Act. CCT® also meets the more stringent requirements set by California Air Resources Board (CARB) and can be used at higher rates to provide better deposit clean up and prevention and allow for producers to make additional marketing claims. CCT® detergency performance has been proven and its performance maintains clean engines clean, while it cleaning dirty engines.

In addition, this proprietary additive technology can be pumped at lower temperatures i.e. -30° F (-35° C).

Not only can fuel producers supply chains be limited by reducing the need for additional additive purchases by using CCT® as the one performance and economical choice, but ordering and delivery of the product will be easy since the company plans to produce in the larger fuel producing markets in order to streamline deliveries.

B&A Intl, Inc. is positioned to be a global provider of environmentally friendly specialty fuel enhancing products for a wide variety of markets and end-use applications. B&A Intl, Inc.'s position in the fuel additives, enhancers and ingredients enhance the quality, performance and value of customers' end products, while improving their environmental impact.

Headquartered in McKinney, Texas, B&A Intl, Inc plans on maintaining manufacturing facilities in the major markets of the US and Canada within 2007, and has focused on 5 countries, and plans are in place for sales and technical offices around the world. Founded in 1994, B&A has specialized in sales to the US Government and has focused on environmental solutions to reduce the need for foreign oil. For more information call 972-529-2930 visit


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