15 Second Marketing - The Marketing Solution for Business Owners Who Don't Have Time to Read

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It's not just the uneducated who can't read; many business owners admit that they never pick up a book. Their problem isn't illiteracy…it's time. Despite a desire to master the secrets of marketing, entrepreneurs, business owners and marketing professionals don't have the time to sit down and read. In response to hundreds of requests for a better way to learn, well-known author and marketing consultant Charlie Cook has released an updated version of Insider Secrets to 15 Second Marketing in print and on audio cds for those people who don't have time to read.

Business marketing guru and best-selling author Charlie Cook had hit a wall with his popular marketing ebooks. While his Insider Marketing Series continues to sell well, Charlie knew something was wrong when Scott a sales rep from radio station WAAM left a message saying he really wanted to learn the secrets of 15 Second Marketing…but didn't want to read it.

Scott's message was the first of many from time-stressed business owners desperate to learn the proven strategies for successful marketing. Charlie decided to offer entrepreneurs an audio version of his text to provide an alternative to printing out digital ebooks and spending hours reading through page after page.

In response to demand Charlie has begun revising and re-releasing all his Insider Secret Marketing Tools in print and audio. The first in Charlie's Insider Marketing Secrets series to be released in the dual format is the best-selling Insider Secrets to 15 Second Marketing.

"Almost Instant" Business Marketing Success

Charlie's Insider Secrets to 15 Second Marketing is a simple marketing strategy that, once people try it can generate instant and long-lasting results as it has for thousands of companies worldwide. It was written, according to its author, to help business owners bridge the communication gap that keeps prospects from understanding why they should be interested in their products or services…and to convert that interest into desire in 15 seconds or less.

"Insider Secrets to 15-Second Marketing has transformed the way thousands of people look at promoting themselves and their products or services," says Charlie. "The new audio version will make it that much easier for people to learn quickly the best way to open the door to new business."

A Better Way to Discover The Secret to Effective Business Marketing

There are multiple benefits to the new dual format approach of Insider Secrets to 15-Second Marketing. "Many people actually learn better when they hear an idea," reports Charlie. And not surprisingly, most people learn best when they see and hear information. That makes a print/audio information product doubly effective.

"Some people will just read or just listen," says Charlie. "But those that read along as they listen can increase their retention exponentially, not to mention increase the profits from their marketing efforts."

Find Out How to Market Anywhere and Any Time

Once purchased, eBooks often "sit on the shelf" because the buyers just don't have time to print and read them. The information they contain is never accessed and the money spent on them is wasted. Now, thanks to Charlie, time-pressed professionals like Scott can now tap into this powerful business marketing technique when sitting in traffic on the way to a sales calls, flying overseas to a business meeting, or even waiting to pick up the 'team' after soccer practice.

A History of Success

Marketing for Success, helps business of all sizes. "The focus is on helping businesses get a better response at each step of marketing from initial ad to closing conversation," he explains. While Charlie has been called a marketing genius and a marketing guru, "The most unusual introduction I got was when Mike at GetUpAndGo introduced me as the 'marketing glue' in his organization," he says laughing.

For additional information and to get a copy of Charlie Cook's Insider Secrets to 15-Second Marketing in book and audio form, visit http://www.15secondmarketing.com.

About Charlie Cook and Marketing for Success

Charlie Cook is the chief guru of ideas at Marketing for Success, helping business owners and professional marketers attract more clients. Author of the best-selling marketing guide Insider Secrets to 15-Second Marketing, Cook has provided business marketing and management consulting services to businesses of all sizes for more than two decades. Thousands of executives, managers and trainers have used his training manuals at hundreds of Fortune 500 companies including AT&T, Merck, Chevron, IBM and Boeing; as do marketing professionals, individuals and entrepreneurs nationwide.

Cook is a frequent columnist for Sales and Service Excellence, Money n' Profits and Home Business magazines. His articles and tips are seen frequently in dozens of business and marketing journals and magazines including Business Week online. A popular and articulate guest, Cook has been interviewed on the radio and appeared on Entrepreneur Magazine's Sales and Marketing radio show.

For more information about Cook's marketing and coaching services, visit http://www.marketingforsuccess.com


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