Smoking - Willpower Myth Busted?

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UK psychotherapist may have solved the puzzle of how smokers can break the habit without willpower. Smokers can just "change their minds" about smoking.

An ex-smoking psychotherapist from the UK believes he may have solved the puzzle of how smokers can break the habit without the use of willpower.

Trevor Emdon, 50, who quit in 1993 after twenty-two years of smoking, explains that willpower is the resistance you feel when your logical left brain argues with the emotional right side - the old "head versus heart" conflict. His process enables smokers to get both sides agreeing. Cravings, which he says are mostly psychological, then become a thing of the past instantly. His 97% success rate seems to bear this out. He explains that his program literally uses the same natural psychology we employ when we simply change our minds.

No hypnosis is required apparently. Trevor combines two therapies to achieve his results in a mere five hours. The first, known as CBT or Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, "talks" to the logical mind. Then he applies some sophisticated NLP, (neuro-linguistic programming), which changes the emotional response - the desire to smoke - to one of neutral disinterest. The effect, he says, is the same as offering a steak to a vegetarian. They don't need willpower to resist it; they simply don't want it.

"I'd tried everything to quit," Trevor recalls, "but just never had the willpower. Then I figured out that I could use my psychotherapy skills on myself to change the way I felt about smoking. Once it clicked into place I just didn't want one any more."

Almost 4,000 smokers have tried the process already. "Fewer than 3 percent of people who've tried it have reported any difficulty," Trevor says. "It's very encouraging. This could be the breakthrough smokers have waited for all their lives."

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