AmeriChinaB2B Launches "Gateway to the Chinese Business Market" Internet Sales Portal

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Small and medium sized businesses benefit from the web-marketing platform, which will help U.S. businesses sell into the Chinese business market. American company will be able to grow their businesses in a new market and reach millions of distributors, agents and manufacturing sourcing sites by posting their sales message on the new web platform.

After completing a year long development AmeriChinaB2B the Palo Alto California headquartered internet B2B company is proud to announce the launch of its global exporting portal to China, "Gateway to the Chinese Business Market."

AmeriChinaB2B's web platform targets small and medium sized U.S. businesses interested in exporting their products or services through distributor, partnership ventures and manufacturing sourcing companies throughout China's vast industrial base.

The newly built web platform services will provide clients an integrated marketing and sales focused portal to deliver their sales message to Chinese businesses. U.S. companies will be able to open up potential new business opportunities and establish a unique competitive advantage of fully targeting Chinese buyers in need of US export products and services.

Operating as both a "sales lead generation tool" and a provider of special consulting services, AmeriChinaB2B will assist U.S. businesses to navigate through the difficult and often peculiar hurdles when entering into new markets.

AmeriChinaB2B services will include on-line and off-line marketing promotion, Chinese company credential investigation, language training, market research, website and documentation. Additional features include Chinese translation, local domain hosting services, sales assistance and off-shore feasibility research. In addition AmeriChinaB2B will also focus on aiding U.S. companies to recruit sales representatives and form partnerships in China.

And with many U.S. businesses now confronted with maturing domestic markets and greater foreign competition these businesses are beginning to recognize the need to export into China one of the worlds greatest expanding markets.

AmeriChinaB2B President Ben Lee believes that it is most important and imperative that American small business firms recognize that their companies will have a distinct advantage by entering the Chinese business-to-business markets. An advantage that many U.S. businesses have not had before.

"It is the advantage of working with AmeriChinaB2B, a company that clearly has the understanding and familiarly of the Chinese culture as well as the understanding of how to overcome the difficulties of trade barriers that many American companies have faced for decade," Lee said.

Accepting that U.S small business can no longer avoid selling to China because of concerns over trade barriers, Lee suggests that there is great opportunity for selling industrial business and consumer goods to a nation starving for new and innovative products.

"Instead of importing cheap made goods from China, instead of seeking out sourcing locations we can now begin to export; to sell to China and that helps America," Lee insists, "And just maybe we can even be able to impact the trade deficit we have with China."

One of the major goals of AmeriChinaB2B has been to build a strong collaborative team of experienced businesses both here and in China.

"And with the complexities of entering the Chinese business market it is important that outside firms consider partnering with firms that can help cut through the red tape and help with the complexities of the Chinese business practices," Lee suggest.

Lee also points out that the Chinese government as recently as January 19, 2007 through its Department of Commerce promotes greater activities in importing. Now China will offer more favorable trade polices to companies who focus on importing as well as lowering tariff and the possibility of eliminating import quotas. Greater importing by China is driven by its desire to reduce its trade surplus with other nations. The Chinese Government has set a three years goal (2007-2010) to achieve its surplus reduction.

The evidence is clear that there are even more growing opportunities for expanding the selling of American products to China for both sourcing manufacturing and exporting for domestic consumption in the country. To take advantage of the Chinese markets U.S. business firms clearly need the guidance of marketing firms like AmeriChinaB2B.


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