A Search for Truth Through Dreams and Visions

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Illusion and reality collide in Jon Fischer's outstanding debut novel "The Creature of the Wildcard." Creating a psychedelic-type atmosphere, Fischer explores consciousness, leaving readers to questions their own preconceived notions of the material world.

Inspired by visionaries of human consciousness such as Timothy Leary and John C. Lilly, MD, author/artist Jon Fischer has created a confounding and contemplative science fiction/fantasy novel based on his own inner musings and experiences with consciousness altering substances.

"The Creature of the Wildcard" (ISBN 1424118557) erases the line between genius and insanity as gifted artist, Alaric, searches for total control over reality and his experience within it. With his drive to create a higher level of consciousness too abstract to comprehend in his confined sense of mortality, Alaric experiments with dreams and visions as a gateway to his own conscious evolution.

Pursuing total control and an alternative to death, Alaric's program with the Neuro Art Institute reveals shocking truths about who he is and his natural inclination for future explorations in expanded consciousness. Naturally selected and wired with a messianic complex, Alaric opposes conventional thought about religion and delves deeper into the possibility of being the sole creator of his own version of existence.

Alaric's hunger for power leads him on a search to reach Alternity, a real-life state of being which is reached by ketamine, and coined by the inventor of the sensory deprivations tank, John C. Lilly. In "The Creature of the Wildcard," Alaric's trip to Alternity isn't induced by psychedelics, but rather through exploring artwork, dreams, and visions brought on by biofeedback techniques designed to manipulate the brain.

Fischer's remarkable talent for inducing a pseudo-psychedelic state through his writing draws the reader into a paradoxical world of alternative realities. "Some cultures invest more in their dreams than they do in their waking life" says Fischer. "We live in a fast-food society that is concerned with image, and looks outwards for the truth. There are tremendous treasures within the soul waiting to be discovered. I hope to inspire readers to look to the world within."

"The Creature from the Wildcard" is visionary, metaphysical, and supernatural. It explores complex concepts of reality, religion, and our personal place in the creation of the world we find ourselves in. Jon Fisher has created an elaborate work of art to be pondered by others in their search for truth.

Jon Fischer lives a humble and contemplative life in Rhode Island. Born with a medical condition once claimed as "Touched with Fire," he managed his mood swings and artistic temperament with the fine arts in college and taking up writing later in his life. He continues to explore alternative consciousness and the creative process. "The Creature of the Wildcard" (ISBN 1424118557) can be purchased at online bookstores. More information may be obtained on http://members.aol.com/lalarie353.


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