Network Marketers are Upset... New Book: "The Worst Things About Network Marketing Are the Network Marketers"

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A just-released book written by an accomplished marketer is stirring up emotions among network marketers as it details the pitfalls of being a network marketer as well as building a multi-level marketing business in today's business world.

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The Worst Things About Network Marketing Are the Network Marketers

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Fed up with the often nonsense trainings and practices of network marketing, Canadian business owner and author Rob Toth has released a new book (currently available in digital format) examining what isn't working about the profession.

Network marketing is a distribution and marketing model that has been around for over 50 years. In theory, the manufacturer of a certain product, or the provider of a given service (the network marketing parent company) offers a financial incentive to their customers in order to encourage word of mouth referrals for their product or service.

By allowing their most satisfied and excited customers to keep a portion of the sales revenue that they generate from their conversational marketing (recommendations), the advertising messages reach a targeted and attentive audience (friends and family of the excited customer). This creates better sales conversions and more excited customers and continues the cycle... while also providing a small income stream for the referring agent (the original customer).

The profession has seen its fair share of shady companies, marginally useful products and greedy distributors. The media (and the skeptics) have publicized all of these short-comings over the years and gave network marketing an unfair "black eye" in the process.

Network marketers have grown to expect "pyramid scheme" and "illegal scam" cries from uninformed cynics.

Which ties into why the emotions have been stirring about the new book, "The Worst Things About Network Marketing Are the Network Marketers".

Readers have been surprised to learn that the author, Rob Toth, is not only well informed but, in addition, he's not "bashing" the MLM industry. The message of his new book is not "beware of network marketing" or "MLM is a scam". Far from it. The author replaced a full time income with the network marketing model over 3 years ago and has successfully built organizations (customers/associates) in network marketing as well as having trained associates in dozens of network marketing structured companies.

As chapter 1 explains, the turn-offs don't lie with the MLM distribution model but instead with the "network marketer" (as defined in the book). Chapter 2 also looks at why building a network marketing business no longer (and will never again) offer the same opportunity it did 30, 20 or even 10 years ago.

The book looks at the increasing attrition rate in network marketing organizations and touches upon some of the external factors that are contributing to this, but namely the inherent flaws of how the business is being taught by established "network marketing leaders".

As Toth remarks to a reader in the preface of the book, "The understanding of it all will prove much more useful to your own business than reading Think and Grow Rich, watching The Secret or giving your neighbor a high-five and telling him 'You have a millionaire mind'," somewhat mocking the intense focus that many MLM organizations place on nothing but personal development and motivation based training.

Is it all nonsense? Just a fear tactic? The book is now available in digital format (ebook). To join the debate and request a free copy of "The Worst Things About Network Marketing Are the Network Marketers", visit


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