Song Honors Memory of Tiger Wood's Father

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This week David Hays, a songwriter in Pawleys Island, South Carolina, released a song entitled Earl's Song written in honor of Earl Woods, the late father of Tiger Woods. The song explores the tragic death of Earl Woods, the impact of his life, and his continuing effect on the lives of everyone he and Tiger have influenced. The song is performed in an acoustic folk style by the writer. Its hopeful message serves as a eulogy to encourage the Woods family and golf fans everywhere.

Just after Tiger Woods announced he will become a father, a song has emerged in timely fashion honoring the memory of Tiger's own father Earl Woods in the unlikeliest of places. The writer, David Hays, calls himself an ordinary guy. He's an insurance agent in the sleepy coastal town of Pawleys Island, South Carolina, a golf haven known for its historic district and small specialty shops. David says his handicap is pretty high, but he follows golf avidly and has been a fan since he was a small boy. Hays is also a songwriter and musician who considers music both a hobby and a calling.

"This particular song came rather spontaneously; I sat down one night, about a week after the 2006 PGA Championship, and wrote it." The song, entitled Earl's Song, is a reflection on the life of Earl Woods and his impact not only on his son Tiger, but anyone who has been inspired by Tiger's amazing play and accomplishments. The song makes clear that part of Tiger Wood's greatness is wrapped up in who Earl Woods is. "In the song, when Earl first passes away, everything seems wrong, but with the realization that in many ways he is still with us, we find the great ones getting even greater and the crowds gathering to watch and cheer them on," Hays comments.

David says the song is a eulogy for the Woods family given in memory of Earl Woods. "This song is a song for Tiger first: he's blessed us with his talents and spirit. It's also a song for fans, because we can relate to the story of Tiger and his father."

"I hope people think of Earl's Song as a fan's gift to Tiger. I hope there's something there that inspires Tiger, something that he can receive because he's given us so much. And I think ultimately, it is Earl Woods who has given us just as much," Hays reflects.

The emergence of Earl's Song reminds us that the memory of Tiger's father and his impact on the golfing world is sure to live on for many years to come.    

Earl's Song can be heard at David Hays can be reached for further comment at 843-251-4896.


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