Poetry Band ... A Christian 'Revival'

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Meet the premiere one of a kind 21st Century band ... Poetry Band

The great poet, William Blake wrote, "The best art is novel and new." Please meet the one of a kind ... Poetry Band.

In a new age where the populace seem content to plug themselves into a gadget and take solace in randomizing their daily musical intake, a new call for a coming together of these individuals needs to be made. All of the musical subgroups can now coalesce in a coming together of minds, free from generic classifications, forming a defense against fear and loneliness. This time based phenomenon combined with visionary poetics comes thanks to wunderkind Wilson Sherman and his classically trained ensemble named Poetry Band. Perhaps the least deceptive band name in musical history, Sherman's collective have a dynamic sound capability that raises Christian Music and the spiritual to a new echelon.

The sound dynamic employed by Poetry Band embodies all the sensibilities of classic, rock, and jazz to form a sophisticated listen that wouldn't sound out of place in an avant-garde music fans collection. Wilson Sherman uses the poetry dynamic to push the compositions forward as his lyrics hold dear all of the important implications we have come to know and love, while unveiling amazing spiritual insights. "... By means of sounds of spiritual music, and its accompanying expressions of articulate speech, is bold, daring, and most mastery conception, that the public embraces and approves with avidity," Blake

Due to this vital universal appeal, it is time that Poetry Band met their ultimate vocation in reaching out to the definitive broader American appeal. Sherman's commanding voice is aesthetically arresting and evokes a hallowed spirit that will remain throughout history. Furthermore the symbolic associations made with such lines as - "Now the sky wears an evening gown / golden stars in milky down" - anchor the listener through the finesse behind the imagery while taking the listener on a unique spiritual journey. The new recording "Revival," opens with "Light shines/pray tell/Holy Ghost/ is alive and well" indeed putting the cap on the argument, "God is dead."

Poetry Band plays an important role in contributing to the continuity and stability of our culture, whilst simultaneously inspiring the younger generation to go out and create, using the innovation of poetry mixed with music as just one example employed here by Sherman. As modern popular culture at times favors the glossy over produced three minute chart smash, Poetry Band demonstrate how a lengthy jam can sonically overturn everything in its path to lead the road to a greater destiny, as Poetry Band breaks all the rules on its way to being the premiere 21st Century band.

A recent article in the Paris Link captures more of Wilson and Poetry Band: "Poetry Band isn't your average pop group with 3-minute pop songs and cheesy messages of love. In fact, it's hard to know where to start with this ever-changing group that combines gospel and Wilson Sherman's spoken voice poetry. Fluctuating from jazz to guitar rock to classical, Poetry Band's CDs are extended jam sessions, described in some quarters as modern opera or spiritual theatre. Everything about Poetry Band is novel and new, including new musicians for the live improvised recording of their CDs.

The man at the centre of it all, Wilson Sherman, is a hard man to pin down. Deeply spiritual and deeply motivated about righting social wrongs, Sherman has been described as the Outlaw Poet. He has already released two books (Rooms and Exit) and the accompanying CDs Resurrection and Exit are completely unique in the world of art. His urgent social commentary mixed with Christian gospel has fused together a unique breed of musician, who claims his roots go back to David reading the Psalms while his musicians jammed along. Sherman's artistic integrity is clear when he refuses to cut his music down to size to meet radio requirements - 'Revival', for example, clocks in at 61 minutes while 'Resurrection' is a massive 65 minutes. All the band's CD are over an hour long non stop, and this is not easy listening - but does rewards the patient listener with an enlightening journey. These are both protest and praise songs, unaware of genre and classification, free-flowing streams of consciousness that have almost no precedent." (see article in Paris Link 12/18/07:


Currently Poetry Band is well underway obtaining a non-profit status for the advancement of the spiritual. In conjunction with LA CA MUSIC (ASCAP) Poetry Band they are seeking investors/label/donors for their the musical film, ROOMS, based on the poetry book written by Wilson.

Wilson Sherman mixes the two objectives of enlightenment and entertainment so deftly that Poetry Band is truly a one of a kind 21st century band. Free from commercial profit, or over- polished production, be sure to engage with this principal act on http://poetryband.com and http://poetryband.org/ as soon as you can.

Interested labels/investors/press please contact Sam Stephens via e-mail or LA CA MUSIC (ASCAP) 858 831 1817.


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