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Danger Side View Mirrors May Be Hazardous to Your Health Automobile Safety Foundation Launches "Safe Mirror Now! Campaign

Automobile Safety Foundation Launches "Safe Mirror Now! Campaign.

"You are driving down the highway at 70mph and need to change lanes. The procedure begins: first on with the turn signal, then the hard look into the side view mirror for approaching vehicles, and perhaps, being extra careful that all is clear, the quick look back over the shoulder. Everything checks out alright so you proceed to merge into the next lane, when suddenly there is a blast of a loud horn and you find yourself on a collision course with the car next to you that seemingly came out of nowhere! Clutching the steering wheel you recklessly swerve back into your own lane nearly avoiding a terrible accident. Does this driving horror tale sound familiar? It should, as it is an everyday common occurrence everyday for all drivers. As a matter of fact, auto accidents are happening and have always happened due to a blind spot in standard equipment side view mirrors," relates Sam Stephens, Vice President of the Automobile Safety Foundation.

Driving on the road is as unsafe today as it was years ago. Why? Because of a device mounted on your vehicle. This device is your side view mirror. Standard side view mirrors were installed on automobiles for years because they supposedly had the function of protecting drivers from getting into accidents, by allowing visibility on the side and back of your vehicle.

Sam continues, "No drivers can merge onto a freeway or change lanes safely with standard equipment side view mirrors, as they have a hazardous blind spot. Clearly this constitutes an international safety crisis, that endangers you and your families daily and yet can be fixed with an inexpensive blind spot mirror attachment!" The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration and the U.S. Department of Transportation has stated that more than 413,000 vehicle accidents were caused by the side view mirror blind spot.

It is apparent that the most accidents occur when vehicles are changing lanes than any other form of collision. On average, more than 826,000 vehicles and more than 160,000 people are injured due to this mirror blind spot. It is obvious that the standard side view mirrors mounted on cars do not work, and that the blind spot mirror attachments are the safe alternative now available to the public.

The ASF realizes this situation and has initiated the urgent international campaign "Safe Mirrors Now!" to make drivers become aware of this danger, while hoping to find sponsorship to allow them to produce and distribute aftermarket blind spot mirrors to all drivers. Presently, ASF is in search of the world's most effective and affordable aftermarket blind spot mirror attachment, to help usher in a new age of driving safety. With your help and support, they can accomplish this task.

If you wish to become a sponsor, donor, government or news media that can aid this urgent international safety work, please contact Sam Stephens at ASF, by email, by calling 540-745-8886 or by visiting the ASF site at for more information.

"The automobile is mankind's number one cause of harm and death and it will be up to us all to change this," concludes Stephens.


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