Free Video Shows How To Be Mortgage Free In 1/2 to 1/3 Time Saving Tens Of Thousands In Interest

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In a free video at the mortgage accelerator concept of using a flexible mortgage account product, The Money Merge Account, that banks don't want you to know is explained. Learn how to pay off your mortgage years earlier, paying tens of thousands less in interest. With the Money Merge Account, homeowners can learn to maximize their income and become their own bank.

Mortgage education website reveals in a free online video how a mortgage accelerator loan works, based on mortgage cycling and using a flexible mortgage account. The mortgage cycling concept utilizing a flexible mortgage account concept (also known as mortgage accelerators) was pioneered in Australia and Ed Bisquera, a National Mortgage Planning Specialist, represents the industry's latest programs and products such as CMG Home Ownership Accelerator and United First Financials' Money Merge Account.

In addition to the free online video, a simulator calculator is available for people to run a simulation with their own income and expenses, to see how soon they would be able to pay off their mortgage. More information and registration to view the free video can be found at

"This video will reveal to homeowners the closely guarded banking secret on how to 'be their own bank.' Homeowners can 'be their own bank' through combining their home mortgage and bank account into one account, a flexible mortgage account, which results in tremendous savings over the life of their mortgage," says Bisquera. "It's a simple concept based on mortgage cycling which has borrowers deposit their paycheck into the blended account that, every month, applies every unspent dime against the principal mortgage loan balance. This greatly reduces the effects of compound interest and returns the interest spread banks normally earn, back into the pockets of homeowners. It's not magic; it's just math and is the basis for all mortgage accelerator products on the market today."

As revealed recently by Don Taylor of, mortgage accelerator loans works on "the premise that borrowers finance a new property or refinance existing property using a home equity line of credit or HELOC. Borrowers then begin directly depositing their entire paychecks into the HELOC. Monthly expenses, other than mortgage payments, are funded by draws against the line of credit, whether that is by using bill pay, check writing, ATM withdrawals or a credit card tied to the line of credit. Even if you don't wind up making additional principal payments in a month, you still capture interest savings because your average balance is less than it would have been with any other conventional mortgage loan."

This mortgage accelerator concept has helped over sixty percent of homeowners in Australia achieve this where it is now a widely popular mortgage concept as well as in New Zealand, Great Britain, and South Africa.

Ed Bisquera, at, will be sponsoring and conducting live seminars, and online webinars that further educates homeowners on the mortgage accelerator loan products and registration can be obtained by visiting

About Ed Bisquera &

Ed Bisquera works for a top 10 mortgage lender (recently rated #6 in the Portland Business Journal December 2006 Book of Lists), Mortgage Express, LLC, headquartered in Portland, Oregon and his office is located at its' Vancouver Branch at 13115 NE 4th St #160, Vancouver, WA 98684. He can be reached at (360) 597-8283 or 1-800-862-0784 ext 21. His website features innovative and revolutionary mortgage products, such as mortgage accelerator loans, which allows business owners, real estate investors, churches and homeowners to pay off their commercial or residential mortgage in as little as 1/2 to 1/3 the time with little to no change to income or spending habits.

About Mortgage Express, LLC

Mortgage Express, LLC was founded in 1999 by Kevin Hancock, a veteran of the mortgage industry and his company boasts over 60 experienced mortgage consultants located in 3 offices throughout the Portland metro area. Mortgage Express was founded on the notion of bringing great rates at a low cost to home buyers, believing in honesty, integrity and a no hassle application process. For more information visit


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