The Windows of Opportunity

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Online buyers nowadays have to sift through stacks of listings or review feedback as a first step in narrowing down their choices to a manageable number. They don't have the time, and that's where comes in.

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Picture yourself walking into a video store to rent a movie only to find thousands of films displayed in unmarked cases. Instead of the usual plot synopsis, photos of exciting scenes, and lists of glamorous stars, all you see is the title of the film and a few boring statistics like length and rating. How in the world would you choose one to rent? You'd have to watch a few minutes of each movie to try to find one that was right for you, but with such a vast selection available, that would be impossible.

Well, buyers find themselves in a similar situation if they have to pore thru stacks of listings or review feedback as a first step in narrowing down pools of businesses to a manageable number. They don't have the time -- and that's where, a unique Virtual Real Estate Online Advertising phenomena, comes in! Filled with virtual skyscrapers, the site provides affordable investment opportunities to business owners to attach their web address onto a variety of windows. When a visitor scrolls over a resident's window, a brief description of the business is displayed before committing to click, with aims of converting browsers into buyers. From a buyer's perspective, The Windows of Opportunity is "an advertaining window shopping experience." With endless construction of new buildings, users will be able to drive down the street to view more window ads. A well accepted concept thus far with over 100 window ads sold to date.

The Windows of Opportunity, conceived and developed by Florida Resident Brian Schwartz, 25, a Full-Time Marketing Coordinator who is better known as eBay Sensation EZas123. Schwartz nicknamed 'EZ', an eBay Top 25 Reviewer, carved a niche of aiding aspiring sellers. Schwartz is also the owner of an online travel agency and, a social network site for the auction community similar to Myspace. He sells ad space solely thru eBay and utilizes eBay's Feedback System as an integral part of his Marketing Communication for promotion of the site. In the future, Schwartz will act as a broker and offer residents the opportunity to resell their virtual window for a share in profit. "As time progresses and the site becomes more established, the perceived value of owning a window should greatly increase", Schwartz mentioned.

Schwartz further explains, "I recall taking a career assessment test back in high school before going off to receive a Bachelor's Degree in Industrial Technology from Arizona State University. Real estate was the most recommended career choice, but at that time I wasn't sure if I wanted to enter that field. I always wondered what my life would be like if I decided to go that route. But it's never too late. Combining the power of the Internet, the rise in online advertising, my skills in website design and newfound interest in the Real Estate Business; I decided to seize the opportunity by synergizing these concepts into a new form of business."

The concept of Virtual Real Estate isn't anything too new. You may have heard of Alex Tew's Million Dollar Homepage that helped raise money for his university education. The concept quickly spawned hundreds of copycat sites, which were greatly encouraged by the sales of a pixel script and by the fact the Million Dollar Homepage was quickly selling out of its last pixels and generating further publicity. It was an excellent publicity stunt, but didn't allow itself room for growth. " has a vision with unlimited growth potential," claims Schwartz, "I want the residents to share in its long term success."

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