Inkcups Now Announces New Laser Plates -- CO2 and YAG Laser Engravable Pad Printing Plates

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New CO2 and YAG laser engravable Pad Printing Plate Material to upgrade plate-making process. Patented innovation from Inkcups Now Corp, pad printing products supplier.

The specialized ICN laser plate material can be etched using the Inkcups Now Cobalt laser system or any CO2 or YAG laser system plates with advanced software, small spot size and quality power control. ICN laser plates are a powerful and easy upgrade for the plate-making process.

Imperial Laser Plates

Inkcups Now has developed and applied for patents on a truly revolutionary pad printing plate material. The Imperial laser plate material was designed specifically for use with C02 lasers, whereby it can be engraved directly from the laser without requiring the use of film positives or chemicals. The Imperial laser plate can be etched within only a few minutes and provides complete depth and halftone control. It is especially receptive to the etching of small dots, which makes it ideal for use in four-color process applications.

The Imperial laser plate material is easily identified by its deep purple color and has a life of approximately 20,000 impressions. It is steel backed, .018" thick, comes with a protective peel sheet and has an excellent surface finish for smooth doctoring. The Imperial plates were engineered to absorb the C02 wavelength; therefore any C02 laser system can easily etch the Imperial laser plates with a minimum power of 10W. It is important to note that while any laser can etch the Imperial plates, the Inkcups Now Cobalt 250 and 500 systems were expressly created for the nuances of laser plate-making.

Cobalt Laser Plates

Inkcups Now Cobalt Laser Plates were originally developed by the ICN engineering group specifically for the Cobalt 1000 laser system; however this unique plate material has been extremely popular with companies that already have laser systems.

The double-sided Cobalt laser plates are designed for use with the Nd:YAG wavelength (1.064 micron) and are precision coated to a tolerance of +/- .0001" for guaranteed repeatability from plate to plate. The image quality of the Cobalt plate material is unsurpassed… yielding crisp edges, extremely fine lines and the ability to hold variable halftone patterns. The surface coating of Cobalt plates is extremely durable and scratch resistant and is typically good for 10,000 impressions per side.

The Future

The breakthrough Cobalt and Imperial laser plate material is changing plate-making and the whole pad printing process. Try either type of Inkcups Now laser plate material and start enjoying the future today!

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